Choosing flooring for you new Interiors Part 2

Choosing flooring for you new Interiors Part 2

(Manufactured materials)

In the previous Blog we have seen how some natural materials can add beauty to your Interiors .

IN this blog let’s look at some examples from manufactured flooring materials. Some are old and some new ones are catching up the imagination of Interior designers and home owners. We will take Five materials here.


In its thousands of years history glass is now used for flooring. This renewable material is becoming a favorite now due its classical properties of being smooth and reflecting. It comes in the forms of tiles and is durable, strong glass tiles make your floor look slick and glamorous. You can use it to make an open staircase and also use it on living room floor and bedroom Floor. Naturally it will be slippery when water is present on it and care use be taken to avoid spillage. It is durable in its scratch resistant form and also feels good when you walk barefoot over it. It does not absorb water and bacteria can never grow in it. You have the option of getting in many colors and textures and sizes.. Exiting usage and innumerable creative ideas can be implemented by using glass as a flooring material



Linoleum is an artificial flooring material made with linoxin, resin of pine, powdered dust of cork, powdered wood and glues with a base on Canvas. Linoleum is a resilient flooring material, it has lot of elasticity and when weights are put it expands and when lifted off it comes back to its original shape and does not create sound on impact of feet of people walking over it.  Linoleum comes in many thicknesses, colors, tiles, patterned tile and many more. It being resilient lasts long and is a recommended material where lot of human traffic will pass. It can be used in residential floors and you may make exotic flooring patterns with it. It may be get soft if water goes under it hence like all other floorings water must not be allowed to seep into a linoleum flooring.


Yes Rubber is catching up in the flooring Industry, it is made from recycled tires and comes in many colors and finishes. It is resilient and strong It is water resistant and very good for any areas in the house, including for the wet ones. It is easy to lay on flat bed concrete floor and will last very long. It is an inexpensive option. Although the material is treated with fireproof chemicals it, care must be taken .It feel very good under bare foot. It is a healthy recyclable option for the responsible client.

Terrazzo Flooring

Trrazo flooring is very popular due to the reason that it is cheap and looks reasonably good when laid on the floor. It is a mixture of cement and marble, quartz, granite, and glass chips. It is popular since a long time and it is the flooring used in the Holly wood stars walk of fame. This type of flooring is used since thousands of year but it has not lost its charm. If properly laid and polished it is beautiful and come very cheap. It can be cast on site or pre-made tiles can be used to lay it. When combined with colorants and the reflection of light from glass, marble, quartz and granite pieces make it look very good. It is almost like stars on floor. This is tough flooring but if water seeps below it then it will spread very fast and ultimately you may to change entire flooring because fungi will grow over it. Hence you must exercise causation by keeping your plumbing proper and the walls must not seep in rainy season.


Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified tiles are a replacement of Marble and granite, they are manufactured   by compacting and mixing of clayquartzfeldspar and silica, which make glass like surface. A single mass is created which is then made into tiles.

Vitrified tiles are tough, non porous, and can bear lot of weight, they are scratch resistant. The best qualities are not cheap but it is an investment of a life time. They come in many shades patterns, innumerable to be precise. They are either glazed or matt finish. Spillage of water may make them slippery, care must be taken. Vitrified tiles due to their strength and variety are very popular now.

Dear Friends we come to the end of this Blog, the next blog will be “Choosing flooring for you new Interiors Part 3 (Some more materials)” Keep watching this space new blogs. We publish blogs on Interior design, at least two every week. Bookmark us to increase your awareness and choice.