Choosing flooring for you new Interiors Part 3

Choosing flooring for you new Interiors Part 3

(Some more materials)

We have seen in previous parts of this blog about the flooring which is natural and that which is manufactured.


In the last part of this Blog we are going to look at few more flooring options for your homes. Some are naturally occurring and some are artificial. Like mentioned earlier the flooring of your home depends upon your personal choice, the type of Furniture and the color of the room. You can take help from our other blogs too to understand how you can choose the flooring material.

Let us look into some more options

Cement Concrete flooring

This type of flooring is a good option if you are on a budget. It is cheap and long lasting, and is as strong as stone. You can polish it and you can also add strainers to give different colors. It must be polished and after that as you mop it will get a shine in itself. It is a perfect solution to costly alternatives because it is made with the bed we already lay for other types of flooring. The flooring has to be laid as mixture of cement sand and small stones, it is also known as screed Flooring. It has low maintenance cost and is sufficiently load bearing. It feels good under the feet when polished. It is fire resistant and energy Efficient .


Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is a comparatively costly options but it. Cork is a natural option, renewable , it is the bark of the Oak tree. It is popular since ages, and we know that cork was used in the recent past as inner lining of metal caps of sodas like Coke, Pepsi and others to make liquids airtight. Cork has a squashy feeling ,you get delighted when you step on cork by its look and its feel. If laid in areas like kitchen, where you have to stand for a long period then cork is a good option. As it has sponge like structure, it may not hurt if children or old people fall on it. Cork is having lot of air filled bubbles inside it and this makes it sound absorbent and a very good insulator. Cork resists dirt to give a good quality air indoors. When it is old it can be finished again by simply sanding it and re polishing. It does not let any bacteria thrive.

Nonetheless , because it is soft it may not be able to bear pointed loads and give way to the shape of the point sing into it. Heavy objects like furniture etc can have coasters , heavy loads like, Refrigerator can be put over a Board to prevent sinking of the floor.  Water is enemy number one for cork as it is a bark of a tree, water must not be allowed to seep in otherwise it may rot the floor and you may have to change the floor. Long exposure to sun may fade the color of cork.

By and large Cork is a very good flooring material and its aesthetic value and functionality far outweighs its shortcomings.


Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is available in plenty and it is being used as a flooring material now a days. Bamboo is environment friendly and because it can be grown easily and does not deplete the planets recourses. It is a fast growing hardwood. It is not costly and it is more resistant to high loads, when polished properly it feels great under your feet. It can catch stains and get scratched over a period of time but it can be simply re sanded and polished again. It is trendy and its looks enhance the beauty of a room.

However water can severely damage Bamboo floor due to it being natural substance. Care must be taken. The glues that bind it together are presently debatable due to Bamboo coming as flooring in the market only few years back You must study the material that is used for binding and its safety before you decide the type or brand of Bamboo flooring.

Bamboo is now in the trend and is a good looking natural floor, it is a nice and cheap option.


Leather Flooring

Yes leather is used as a flooring material. Its looks are marvelous ,it is has a great feel under your feet and gets more beautiful as it ages. It is unique in all its instances as no two leather materials may look alike. It is durable and acoustic material and can be polished as easily as your shoe. It has a perfume like odor spreading in your house. It has great aesthetic appeal. However it is very costly. It is less stain resistant and water can damage it. It must be maintained properly. In high traffic areas it gets scratched but many people all over the world prefer the aging factors of leather and the rich like to go for it even if they have to pay for it through the nose.


We come to the end of our Blogs on Flooring for Interiors. Hope you have found a good material for your home. Although the flooring options in this blog is not exhaustive,only the best options are listed. Keep watching this space for more useful blogs on Interiors and visit our site regularly