Cladding walls in Interior Design

Cladding walls in Interior Design

Interiors need many props to become gorgeous and aesthetic. Cladding the wall with various materials is a very good option. A single wall of a piece of wall clad by some material may add lot of variety, texture and glamour to a room.

We need to be careful in cladding a wall; a material chosen wrongly can prove to be a disaster. It is good to refer Blogs like this or take the help of an Interior designer. Out of the many types of cladding we will take a select few to understand the theory of cladding a wall.

Stone Cladding

Stone cladding is one of the best and most popular ways to clad your walls. We have plenty of colorful or tinted stones which can make our wall look fantastic. Nevertheless remember that you must be careful. A cladding must not fill the whole room and must not takeover wall paint. We have a variety of stones for cladding the walls. Polished granite in a proper color is a good option for limited cladding of an inner piece of wall. The color of the paint must use theory of colors to use the Granite color in small proportion or of complete one wall. Likewise, marble also can be used for cladding and the same theory must be followed. Other stone like Black Basalt, Gneiss and Sandstone in many colors can be used to clad the wall. A wall portion clad in a stone is a marvelous option. Stone cladding is virtually maintenance free and can prove to be very appealing.

Timber Cladding

What can be a better way than to clad your walls with Wood. Wood is great looking, it is royal and it is a natural product. It is pleasing to the eyes and tells us a story of its development till it came to be clad on your wall. Wood is easy to maintain. Though an expensive option in India it is worth the money spent. It is a sound and heat insulator and brings down your electricity bills. Wood always comes in neutral colors and matches well with other colors. Wood is a fantastic option but beware water is not a friend of any material related to trees, if water seeps in the whole cladding must be changed. BY and large wood may prove to be the best option for cladding your walls.

Cladding with metals

A wonderful option, infact a hi- tech looking cladding. Numerous forms and shapes with several sections, perforations and textures are available presently to clad your walls in metal. Most suited to minimalistic design this cladding gives a modern look to your home. It is a posh way to express your Interiors. Most of the cladding material comes in Aluminum, stainless steel, Copper and brass..Aluminum is slightly more popular. This type of cladding is Weather proof, fire proof and water proof, it is virtually maintained free. A duster is needed to clean the dust that may settle. That is it. It is expensive but go for it if you like Modernist Interiors.

3D Wall Cladding

Like the name suggests this type of cladding is in 3 dimensions and adds a dynamic look to your walls. It is becoming very famous in the contemporary style Interiors. It is made up of many things like, metals, ceramic, dressed stone etc. This is definitely a mood enhancer and mood stimulating attractive cladding and its appeal has no parallel. There are a million ways to express it in combination of various shapes and patterns. It is like a mural on your wall without paying through the nose for a mural to an Artist. Your Interior designer will do the job. Go for it and you have landed in a starwars movie

So now you may know about some important options to wall cladding in Interiors. You can see the variety of options. It all depends on the creativity of your interior designer and you yourself. Wall cladding has a deep impact if done properly and your walls will speak volumes about your taste in home design, because if even your Interior designer has chosen your Wall cladding it is you who has given consent after carefully examining the enhancement of your home.

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