Duration: 1 Year
Eligibility: SSC

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Diploma in film making is a one-year program that offers students an opportunity to learn from the basics to the successful completion of film making. The course focuses on both the theoretical and technical aspects of film making based on a well-structured syllabus. Students get the opportunity to learn all the aspects of film-making such as screenwriting, directing, cinematography and editing. They also receive additional training in sound, lighting, camera movement and grip. Apart from these major aspects students get exposure to real-time film making under the specialization of their choice by doing practical exercises on film direction, production and other crew positions. The course helps students the real value and importance of the various activities involved in making a film.

  1. Semester I

    The first semester concentrates on narrative film making covering basic foundation courses on;
    (1) screenwriting, (2) directing, (3) cinematography, and (4) editing, in addition to a number of other subjects which can be taken as electives (see below).

    1. Foundation Courses (obligatory)
      • Screenwriting Course
      • Directing Course
      • Cinematography Course
      • Editing Course
    2. Production Workflow (obligatory)
      • Operation of film-making equipment (camera, lighting and sound systems)
      • Crew production protocol
      • Sound production (recording, mixing, design)
      • Grip equipment (camera support systems)
    3. Elective/Specialization Courses (each student takes 2 courses)
      • Aesthetics of the Film Shot as a Component of Film Language
      • Acting Styles
      • Arri & RED Cameras
      • Central and East European Cinema
      • Directing Actors
      • Directing the Camera
      • Documentary Theory and History
      • Film Industry
      • Film Comedy
      • Film Analysis
      • Lighting
      • Photography for Cinematography
      • Post-production effects
      • Post-production workflow
      • Screenwriting Adaptations
      • Screenwriting Across Genres
      • Screenwriting Feature Film
      • Visualization
    4. Studio Work: End of Semester Film

      Film and practical exercises play an extremely important role in the program. Classroom-based courses are supplemented with a number of practical exercises in the studio and at different locations. In the first semester, each student completes four film projects (two exercises and two short films) of his/her own, performing the functions of screenwriter, director, cinematographer and editor on all of them. Each student works on another sixteen to twenty projects shot by other students.

  2. Semester II

    The second semester offers students to choose one or two specialization courses under the major core papers covered in the first semester. Each student is expected to take up a specialization group as given below for the successful completion of the Diploma.
    The specializations and the required classes are as follows:

    1. Screenwriting Specialization
      • Screenwriting Feature
      • Screenwriting Diploma Films
      • Screenwriting Across Genres
      • Screenwriting Adaptations
      • Film Industry Business
      • Film Analysis
      • Specialization Film, Script
    2. Directing Specialization
      • Directing Workshop
      • Directing Music Videos and Commercials
      • Directing Actors
      • Documentary and Fiction Film Practicum
      • Screenwriting Diploma Films
      • Editing Workshop
      • Specialization, Film, Directing
    3. Cinematography Specialization
      • Cinematography Workshop
      • Camera for Cinematographers
      • Cinematography Advanced
      • Film Analysis
      • Editing Workshop
      • Specialization, Cinematography
    4. Editing Specialization
      • Editing Workshop
      • Editing Techniques: Commercials / Music Videos / Movie Trailers
      • Advanced Editing Theory
      • Post-Production Workflow
      • Computer Animation
      • Specialization, Editing


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