Duration: 1 Year
Eligibility: 10th / SSC

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Diploma in Interior Design and space planning is a one-year course on interior designing which concentrates on imparting knowledge on various aspects history and trends of furniture design, exhibit and shop design, lighting, design for hospitality sectors, office spaces and so on. The course is structured in such a way that students get to learn the basics of designing, drafting, planning, sketching, ,material management, space planning and so on and also practically experience the application of these in real-time projects. The course offers students guidance and knowledge sharing from experts in the field and also provides students an opportunity to learn the concept of design and space planning in both paper and digital methods. The course makes students practice computer aided design and drafting of interiors and match them to the existing trends in the market.

  1. Basic Design & Drafting/Graphic I (Theory & Practical)
    1. Introduction to Interior Design
    2. Graphic Materials & Equipments
    3. Principles of Graphics - Scales & Lines, Lettering & Dimensioning & Freehand Sketching
    4. Design Symbols
    5. Geometrical Drawings - Geometrical Constructions, Geometric Planes & Geometric Forms
    6. Orthographic Projections - 2D (Simple & Complex Objects plus Basic Furniture)
    7. 3 Dimensioning (Simple & Complex Objects plus Basic Furniture)
    8. Pictorial Projections & Perspective Projections
    9. Colour Theory
    10. Rendering Techniques
    11. Design Basics - Design & Human Perception, Design Elements, Interior Design Elements, Design Principles & Anthropometry
  2. History of Interior Designing
    1. Ancient Age - Egyptian, Greek & Roman Interiors
    2. Middle Age - Early Christian, Byzantine, Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque & Rococo
    3. Renaissance
    4. Industrial Revolution
    5. Mordern Age
    6. Famous Designers
    7. Indian Interiors
    8. Interior Concepts
  3. Design Methodology/Graphics II
    1. Residential Planning & Spacing
  4. Materials
    1. Introduction to Materials:
      • Bricks
      • Stones
      • Timber & Timber Products
      • Metals
      • Glass
      • Plastics
      • Thermal & Acoustic Materials
      • Textiles
      • Furnishing Materials
      • Hardware
      • Surface Finishes
      • Adhesives
      • Clay Products
      • Lime & Cement
      • Mortar & Cement Concrete
  5. Construction
    1. Introduction to Construction, Masonry, Brick Work, Stone Work.
    2. Wood Work
    3. Doors, Windows, Arches & Lintels
    4. Interior Partitions
    5. Wall Panelling & False Ceiling
    6. Floors
    7. Staircases
  6. Services
    1. Introduction to Technical Services
      • Water Supply
      • House Drainage
      • Electrification & Wiring
      • Lighting
      • Telephone
      • Computer Networking
      • Ventilation
      • Air Conditioning
      • Elevators & Escalators
      • Security Systems
  7. Studio/Portfolio
    1. Introduction to Design Studio & Residential Interiors
  8. Digital design (Autocad & 3D'S MAX)/Portfolio
    1. Introduction & Basics of Autocad
    2. Overview of Autocad
    3. Setting the Drawing Environment
    4. Working with the Standard Toolbar
    5. Working with the Drawing Toolbar
    6. Working with the Modify Toolbar
    7. Working with the Layers
    8. Working with the Text
    9. Working with the Dimensioning
    10. Working with the 2D Objects
    11. Working with the 3D Objects
    12. Working with the Solids
    13. Editing the Solids
    14. Working with the Views
  9. Specifications/Estimations & Costing
    1. Introduction to Specifications - General Specifications, Detailed Specifications
    2. Introduction to Estimations - Detailed Estimations & Abstract of Estimation
    3. Measurement of Works
  10. Vaastu / Workshops / Survey Visits / Model Making / Case Studies


Please Read the T&C, before Applying for the Course.

  1. Candidates can apply online ONLY through the Official Lakhotia Institute of Design portal. Please visit www.lakhotiaedu.com or www.lakhotiainstituteofdesign.com to apply online.
  2. Application fees can be paid either by a Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer or through a Demand Draft. We accept
    1. Master Card, VISA Credit Cards
    2. Master Card, VISA, Maestro, VISA Electron, Rupay Debit Cards
  3. Demand Draft should be drawn in favor of “Lakhotia Institute of Design” payable at Hyderabad.
  4. Please make sure that you have the DD number before applying else the application will be rejected.
  5. Lakhotia Institute of Design has the right to reject any application which it deems fit.