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Lights, Camera AAAAND Pose!

Lights, Camera AAAAND Pose!

Every young man or woman,somewhere in their journey of life dreams of becoming a model. The profession that is the fantasy of millions of youth all over the world is promoted by Lakhotia College of Design in a grand way,complete with the glitz and glamour,razzle and dazzle and the techniques and the arts to manover oneself to the world stage.

Modelling simply means setting an example to others in the process of selling a product with a high standard of grooming,style and the right attitude.
Hyderabad’s sole modelling academy is at the jewel in the crown,Lakhotia. This is where the diamond is polished from the coals and real pearls are discovered. Lakhotia College of Design is solely responsible for launching the careers of many successful models,male and female,not only in Hyderabad but also in other major metros like Bengaluru,Mumbai and Pune. With the fast growing fashion industry,there is the constant look out for fresh faces for the print,electronic media,ramp and giant brand advertisements. Modelling has always been a stepping stone to films and Lakhotia has always packaged and promoted its models in a way that they get the maximum visibility. From arranging for go sees to setting up industry appointments for models as well as instant intimation for auditions and interviews,Lakhotia’s modelling department has always taken responsibility and has mentored its models in the right direction.
The modelling course trains its model enrollments in the finer nuances of poses,camera angels,ramp walking,grooming,fashion and style,health,fitness,beauty as well as media communication and industry awareness and interaction.
So come into the illustrous world of Lakhotia as fame and fortune await to embrace you in their realms.

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