Chairman’s Message – M Azharuddin

Lakhotia College of Design (LID), Hyderabad, India, is the pioneering college that caters competent and committed Human resources to Fashion Designing, Textile Designing, Interior Designing, Architecture Design, and Hospitality Management sectors. We, in Lakhotia College of Design, try to impart Total Quality Education (TQE) to enhance the student’s employable skills by means of practical teaching, training, and molding them into a competent employee. We inculcate KSA-Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude which is a must for continual career growth and Organizational growth. We update and redefine the curriculum So that the student’s competency could be matched to the drastically changing needs of the Industries in Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Textile Designing, Architecture Designing, Pattern Making, Fashion Styling, Game Designing, Film Making, Graphic Designing, Photography, Modelling and Hotel Management.

Personality Development Programmes are organized to inculcate good attitude and other Competencies needed to become a competent employee in the respective sectors. Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) is to create an entrepreneurial culture amidst the students and mold those into future entrepreneurs of our nation. Women Empowerment Cell (WEC) is to facilitate the girl students for the consistent Development in their career by means of industry based seminars, workshops, guest lectures, and training programs. We facilitate the students to involve in Product Development and research study on a respective sector.

We impart different vocational training Programmes centered on the career development of women, unemployed, drop-outs and downtrodden people in the society and bestow our valuable guidance and support to develop In their career. We impart parental care on each and every student’s career development by Counseling, guiding and training productively. We aim at obtaining the Total Quality Education and Total Quality Excellence and strive to replenish the career goals of both the parents and the students.

LID awards national and international certification and validation for its design programs. Comprehensive information on a broad range of Degree, Diploma, and Certificate courses are offered which are structured to incorporate progression routes towards jobs as well as the exploration of the potential for further study both in India and overseas.

I believe your future pathway can begin with one of our courses that fulfill your needs. We look forward to welcoming you as a student of the Lakhotia College of Design.