B.Design in Fashion Design (International)


B. Design in Fashion Design

Duration: 4 Years

Student Mobility Option Available: 3 Years in Hyderabad and 1 year (Final year) in Paris, at College De Paris Campus.



Bachelors in Fashion Design and is a 3 years course Associated and Accredited with France’s renowned university College De Paris. An absolute French flair course which helps the students to get an international exposure by learning an internationally developed curriculum. Candidates can avail our brand new program of ‘Student Mobility’ where they can avail an option of starting their course in India and completing it in Paris | Mobilier | Washington | Dubai.

Bachelors in Fashion Design an International course which helps studentfulfill their dreams of getting an international degree while residing and learning in India. The course will help students develop skills and expertise to pursue projects with International Organizations of the Fashion Industry. Providing knowledge Qualified and Creative students belonging to this course can get a chance to Intern at London Fashion week, Dubai Fashion week, New York fashion week and Paris Fashion week, which isheld every year. Students who belong to this course are recommended first. It concentrates on imparting international Fashion education and expertise, Garment design and construction andmanufacturing technology. To cultivate aesthetics and High Fashion sense on students is the focal point of this course. The course also concentrates on Technology and Management of Apparel Manufacturing and Development. Topics such Fashion business, Fashion Marketing and merchandising, Visual Merchandising, advanced illustrations and pattern drafting enhances the curriculum and worth of the course. Entire Curriculum is available in the Module Section.

First Year

  • 1. Textile Science
  • 2. Garment Construction
  • 3. Children Apparel
  • 4. Apparel Finishing & Clothing Care
  • 5. Computer Studies
  • 6. Fashion Design Drawing Table

Second Year

  • 1. Environmental Studies
  • 2. Fashion Designing
  • 3. Fashion Illustration
  • 4. Textile Dyeing & Printing
  • 5. Garment Construction
  • 6. Women’s Apparel
  • 7. Surface Enrichment Lab
  • 8. Management & Entrepreneurship

Third Year

  • 1. Study Of Apparel Industry
  • 2. Apparel Marketing & Merchandising
  • 3. Costumes & Apparel Design
  • 4. Apparel Accessories
  • 5. Surface Ornamentation
  • 6. International Trade & Documentation
  • 7. Men’s Apparel Construction
  • 8. Computer Applications In Fashion Designing (CAD/Corel Draw)
  • 9. Industrial Pattern Making & Grading

Fourth Year


Followed by Fashion Show, Examinations and Cerifications.

Career Path

This course can help students work under Fashion or textile Designers, Various International and National Fashion Retail companies, Export Houses, Textile Mills, and Research Developers in Textile and Fashion world across the globe. As the course mainly concentrates on Management and Business, students become confident in starting their own firm and become entrepreneurs where they can do freelance designing while developing their own brand. The course also qualifies you in becoming a professional lecturer in the international fashion education industry and also qualifies you to pursue higher education like PhD.


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B.Des in Fashion design is a 4-year course, spread across eight semesters, where students gain extensive knowledge in the all the basics of fashion, from fabrics to drafting and draping, to grooming and styling, all packed into one in-depth course in Fashion Design. The students are given the traditional hands-on practice as well as are taught computer-aided design techniques that will help them to flourish as Fashion designers in todays’ modern market.

The B.Des in Fashion design program enhances the creativity and innovation of the students in such a way that they can make a great career in field of garment designing, apparel designing for retail and luxury brands, ready to wear fashion products and in any area of their interest. The B.Des course in Fashion Design aims to develop the investigative minds of students so that they will be able to produce innovative designs that are aesthetically pleasing and fit the market. It aims at imparting students with the skills and languages needed to create, develop and present quality designs including the techniques and processes.

The B.Des in Fashion design course helps the students understand the methods and principles of art and design wherein they learn to identify and utilize primary and secondary sources available to them. At Lakhotia college of Design, we believe in practical learning. Our students are provided industry related exposure through interactive classroom lectures, demonstrations, Presentations, in-field visits, Craft documentation, internships and the annual fashion show where they have the opportunity to show case their talent and creativity.


With the fast-growing fashion trends that are constantly changing and evolving, the market for Fashion Designers is huge. After the completion of bachelors in any stream, students can apply to the B.Des in Fashion Design, where you learn from the very best industry experts and professors who train you from scratch, help you develop your creativity and innovation, so you can produce the very best garments and more for the market.

The options and opportunities are boundless when you have the zeal for innovation. After you complete the bachelors in Fashion design there is a massive plethora to choose from. From becoming an entrepreneur, to making your mark in the textile industry, to the manufacturing industry, or in retail and design. You can work as an in-house designer, textile designer, fashion stylist, retail buyer/ manager, creative director, merchandiser, quality assurance manager, and more.

The opportunities are endless when you graduate from the very best design college in the bachelor’s course in Fashion Design. Here at Lakhotia college of design, you are given the very best opportunities with the tremendous support of our expert placement cell department who bring to you the most exceptional options for your exceptional creativity.