Diploma in Fashion Pattern Making





  1. Semester I

    • Hand sewing techniques
    • Machine control exercise’s
    • Different seams and their applications.
    • Flat pattern drafting –Working patterns and final drafts
    • Sample making
      • COLLARS: Peter pan, Wing collar, Cape collar, Bishop Collar, Scalloped collar,Butterfly collar, Tulip collar, Sailor collar, Straight collars.
      • SLEEVES: Plain, puff, Balloon, Cap, Tulip, Petal, Flared, Uneun flare, Circular, Long sleeves, Long sleeves with cuff Leg- o- mutton sleeves.
      • FROCKS: A-line, Sundresses, Pillow Case dress, Waist cut frocks, A-symmetric frock, Circular frock, Low-low waist cut frock, Yoke frocks, tier frocks, Panel frocks, Sunsuit, Overlap frocks, Princess panel frock.
      • SKIRTS: Mini, Straight, Flare, A-line, Circular, Half circular, Yoke Skirts, Handkerchief, Gore Skirt, Godets skirt, peplum.
      • NIGHTY: A-Line, Yoke, Suit.
  2. Semester II

    • SHALWARS: Plain, Belt shalwar, kali shalwar, Patiala chudidar, Dhoti, Parallel.
    • KURTHAS: A-line, A-line on bias, Fitted kurtha, Loose fitted, Dart less kurta, Kalidar,kurta, Raglon kurta, High neck kurta, Body style kurta, Kali kurta with body cut. Princess style with godets, Tiers kurta, Empire line kurta.
    • BLOUSES: High neck, High neck with collars, Plain yoke blouse, Choli, Katori, Single and double Piece katori, Princess line blouse, Halter neck blouse, Yoke blouse with princess panels.
    • COLLARS: Flat collars, Straight collars, Ruffled.
    • SLEEVES: Plain, puff, Balloon, Flared, Cap, Petal, Long sleeves, and Long sleeves with cuff variations in puff, Balloon, Flared, Cap, Petal leg 0 mutton sleeves, Circular, Ruffled sleeves, Sleeve construction on bias.
    • SKIRTS: Straight, A-line, Circular, Pegged, Tiers.
    • NIGHTY: A-line, Yoke.
  3. Semester III

    • Basic bodice development and grading
    • Personalized and as per the standard sizes 6,8,10,12 and 14
    • Dart transferences.
    • Shift dress with a zipper , boat neck, facing and a lining.
    • Chanel skirt
    • Skirt development in terms of the flare, knife pleats, box pleatsv
    • Collar development and its variations
    • Sleeve development and its variations
    • Ladies classic dress shirt as per the measurements.
  4. Semester IV

    • The Dior Dress
    • 7 Panelled Corset
    • Ruffled evening gown.

Career Path

This course can help students work under Fashion or textile Designers, Various International and National Fashion Retail companies, Export Houses, Textile Mills, and Research Developers in Textile and Fashion world across the globe. As the course mainly concentrates on Management and Business, students become confident in starting their own firm and become entrepreneurs where they can do freelance designing while developing their own brand. The course also qualifies you in becoming a professional lecturer in the international fashion education industry and also qualifies you to pursue higher education like PhD.

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