Diploma in fashion design

Diploma In Fashion Design (International or Regular)

Duration: 11 months course + 1 month professional Internship ( 1 Year)

Eligibility: 10th Class

Awarding Body: Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University (JNAFAU)

International Awarding Body: College De Paris (Optional)

Diploma in Fashion design course and Garment Production is a one-year course on Clothing and Garments Designing and production. It is suitable for those students who aspire to make a career in the clothing industry. The course provides students knowledge on both traditional and computer aided designing of clothes by applying their sense of fashion to its best. The course concentrates on providing students with the knowledge on the basics of fashion, fabric, cloth appreciation, styling, drafting, draping, grooming and so on. The course enhances the creativity and innovation in students that they can make a great career in field of garment designing, apparel designing for retail and luxury brands, ready to wear fashion products and so on. The course also provides students with project and internship opportunities where they can witness theoretical knowledge become real-time experience.

The aim of the course is to develop the investigative mind of students so that they will be able to produce innovative designs that are aesthetically pleasing. It aims at imparting students with skills and languages needed to create, develop and present quality designs including the techniques and processes. It helps students understand the methods and principles of art and design. Students learn to identify and utilize primary and secondary sources. The course aims at providing students with exposure to different kinds of fabrics and garment production. The course also aims at providing industry related exposure through interactive classroom lectures, demonstrations, Presentations, field visits, Craft documentation, internships and the annual fashion show.

  1. Semester I

    1. Design Concepts I
      • FD-01: Orientation Program
      • FD-02: Basics Of Fashion
      • FD-03: Elements Of Design & Principles
      • FD-04: Design process
      • FD-05: Fashion Illustration I
      • FD-06: Color Theory
    2. Garment Construction-I
      • FD-07: Principles Of Garment Construction
      • FD-08: Drafting & Pattern Making (Kids Wear)
      • FD-09: Garment Construction (Kids Wear)
      • FD-10: Fabric Consumption (Term Garment)
      • FD-11: Trim File & Market Sourcing
    3. Textile Science
      • FD-012: Overview of Textile industry
      • FD-013: Fabric study
      • FD-014: Fiber to Fabric
      • FD-015: Wet processing I
    4. Textile Design and Print Development
      • FD-016: Surface Ornamentation(Tie&Die,Batik,Fabric Painting & Embroideries)
      • Introduction To Computers-I
        • FD-017: Basic and Power Point
      • Portfolio Kids Wear
        • FD-017: Portfolio Kids Wear
  1. Semester II

    1. Design Concepts II
      • FD-018: Fashion Illustration-II
      • FD-019: Accessories Design
      • FD-020: Fashion Styling & Draping
      • FD-021: Personal make over
    2. Fashion Business Management
      • FD-022: Over view and scope of Fashion industry
      • FD-023: Visual merchandising
      • FD-024: Marketing & Merchandising
      • FD-025: Understanding of Retail,Sales and Promotions
    3. Garment Construction-II
      • FD-026: Pattern making & Drafting(Women’s wear)
      • FD-027: Garment Construction(Women’s wear)
      • FD-028: Submissions
    4. Fashion History & Communication
      • FD-029: History of Fashion
      • FD-030: Indian art and Costumes appreciation
      • FD-031: Fashion communication & terminology
      • Computer Application
        • FD-032: Computer Aided Designing (CAD)
        • Design Portfolio and Fashion Show
          • FD-032: Design Portfolio and Fashion

Career Path

This course can help students work under Fashion or textile Designers, Various International and National Fashion Retail companies, Export Houses, Textile Mills, and Research Developers in Textile and Fashion world across the globe. As the course mainly concentrates on Management and Business, students become confident in starting their own firm and become entrepreneurs where they can do freelance designing while developing their own brand. The course also qualifies you in becoming a professional lecturer in the international fashion education industry and also qualifies you to pursue higher education like PhD.


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Diploma in Fashion Designing Course

Diploma In Fashion Design is a 1 year fashion design course. A consortium of design, styling, textile, merchandising and management. A 1 year Diploma in fashion design is a dual Certification program offered by JNTE an educational unit of Govt. of India and Lakhotia College of Design. Diploma in fashion design course is divided into 2 semesters with an industry oriented curriculum which helps students carve their creative potential.

Diploma in Fashion Design course will help students develop skills and expertise to pursue projects with national and international organizations of the Fashion Industry. Students who choose to pursue Diploma in fashion design after 10 th can initiate their careers in various segments of fashion design such as, styling, visual merchandising, textile design and print development etc.. Students who join our Diploma in Fashion design course after 10 th can get a chance to Intern at London Fashion week, Dubai Fashion week, New York fashion week and Paris Fashion week, which is held every year. To cultivate aesthetics and High Fashion sense in students is the focal point of this course.

Key Highlights of The Programme

Fashion industry is a multibillion-dollar global enterprise, committed to the business of producing and selling garments. The number of new design companies is growing rapidly where the trend of designers opting to start their own setup can be witnessed. This growing industry thus requires skilled and capable designers who are able to meet the needs of the consumers and the rapidly growing market. Diploma course in Fashion Designing is a 1 year course in fashion design which imparts experiential learning, and high fashion knowledge by the implementation of industry oriented curriculum to the students. It helps students carve their skills in visualization, merchandising, fashion shows.

To secure a job in the industry of design, one needs to study fashion design courses and a 1 year diploma happens to be the shortest and the smartest course in fashion design. Diploma course in fashion design can only be attained after choosing the best fashion design college. Colleges like Lakhotia college of design. which are considered amongst top fashion design colleges in India will sharpen the skill set, bring in a lively and exciting teaching environment and help students in increasing innovative skills.

Students' Achievements in The Diploma in Fashion Design Course

Students who qualify for a Diploma in fashion design course are from Lakhotia college are more likely to get placed in reputed companies and also acquire the skill set for an individual to start their own firm. Students who pass out of Diploma in fashion design course get awarded by a dual body, an esteemed govt. university of India and Lakhotia College of Design, which also helps students in reserving government placements. Diploma in Fashion design will create numerous opportunities for higher education. Students can apply for further studies in fashion design and Interior design at any international / national universities post passing Diploma in fashion design from Lakhotia college of Design.

Yes, we have hostels which range differently based on amenities. Kindly visit any of our campuses to enquire about the hostels. Email us on info@lakhotiaedu.com.