Certificate in Interior CAD

Duration: 6 months

Eligibility: 10th Class

Awarding Body: Lakhotia College of Design

Discover the realm of digital design with Lakhotia College's enlightening "Certificate in Interior CAD" program. This certificate course serves as a gateway to mastering the art of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) in the context of interior design, utilizing prominent software tools such as AutoCAD, SketchUp for 3D modeling, and Lumion for rendering.

Our comprehensive certificate program offers an immersive learning experience in the world of interior design using cutting-edge CAD software. From translating design concepts into precise 2D plans using AutoCAD to bringing spaces to life through 3D modeling with SketchUp, this program equips you with practical skills.

A standout feature of this certificate course is the integration of Lumion for rendering, allowing you to visualize designs in realistic settings. You'll learn to create compelling visualizations that effectively communicate design ideas to clients and stakeholders.

The "Certificate in Interior CAD" is a transformative journey that empowers you with proficiency in the digital tools that shape modern interior design. Whether you're aspiring to become an interior CAD specialist or looking to enhance your design capabilities, this program is your stepping stone to success.

Enroll now to explore the limitless possibilities of interior design through CAD technology. Join us to elevate your skills, master software tools, and step confidently into the world of interior design with our immersive certificate program.



  • AutoCAD Interface
  • Dimensions, styles, Sketch and Blocks
  • Layer and Object Properties
  • Wire Frame and Transformation Tools
  • Geometry Creation and Modification
  • Cutting, Stamping, Folding and Unfolding
  • Isometric Views
  • Sketch Entitles and Tools
  • Sketch Visualization and Analysis
  • Inquiry Tools and Parametric Drafting
  • Introduction, Walls, Flanges, Bending
  • Creating and Editing Text
  • Boolean Operations
  • Block, W-,X-attach & X-Ref
  • Drafting settings
  • Surface creation and modification tools
  • Design center and Tool palettes
  • Equations, Design table and Configurations
  • 3D Parts, UCS etc

3Ds MAX:

  • Introduction to 3Ds Max
  • 2d shapes
  • Manipulating of objects
  • 3D modeling
  • Materials
  • Animations
  • Lighting
  • Rendering

Career Path

  • Interior CAD Designer: Become a specialist in using CAD software to create accurate and visually appealing interior design plans, both in 2D and 3D formats.
  • Architectural Drafter: Collaborate with architects to transform their concepts into detailed drawings and plans for construction projects.
  • 3D Modeler: Craft intricate 3D models of interior spaces, furniture, and architectural elements for presentations and visualizations.
  • Visualization Artist: Use your skills in Lumion and other rendering tools to create photorealistic visualizations that bring design concepts to life.
  • Interior Design Assistant: Support senior designers by creating CAD drawings, models, and renderings to communicate design ideas effectively.
  • Furniture Designer: Utilize your CAD skills to design and prototype custom furniture pieces, blending aesthetics and functionality.
  • Freelance CAD Designer: Offer your expertise as a freelance CAD designer, collaborating with various clients and projects.
  • CAD Instructor: Share your knowledge by becoming an instructor for CAD software in educational institutions or online platforms.
  • Architectural Visualization Specialist: Focus on creating compelling visualizations for architecture firms, real estate agencies, and marketing campaigns.
  • Interior Design Consultant: Enhance your role as an interior design consultant by leveraging CAD tools to offer accurate and realistic design solutions.


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Certificate In Interior CAD

Unlock the world of digital design with Lakhotia College's transformative "Certificate in Interior CAD" program. This certificate course is your pathway to mastering Computer-Aided Design (CAD) for interior design.

Key Highlights of the program

Discover the exceptional offerings of our "Certificate in Interior CAD" program. Immerse yourself in a curriculum that integrates theory and hands-on practice, equipping you with proficiency in prominent software like AutoCAD, SketchUp, and Lumion.

Career Benefits

Enrolling in our program propels you into a world of career possibilities. Graduates of this certificate course can become interior CAD specialists, visualization artists, or 3D modelers, leveraging their skills for diverse design projects.

Invest in your future with a comprehensive six-month journey. Enroll now to blend your passion for design and technology into a promising career where innovation meets creativity, and new doors to success open at every turn.

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