Diploma In Professional Photography

Duration: 11 months course + 1 month professional Internship (1 year)

Eligibility: 10th Class

Awarding Body: Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University (JNAFAU)

International Awarding Body: College De Paris (Optional)

Be behind the camera rather being in the picture! Capture your goals with a career in photography. With over alumni of 10,000+ photography students, Lakhotia College holds a remarkable position in global education industry. With our state-of-art infrastructure and industry experts on mentors panel, we provide the finest quality education in terms of practicality and theoretically. Lakhotia College of Design is awarded Telangana Sarwabhaowma for the best college for photography. Associated to College De Paris (France) and International business school of Washington (USA), the top educational organizations of respective countries, by which students will be awarded their Diploma degrees. Our 1 year professional photography diploma program is summarized and industry oriented, which covers basic and advanced curriculum. The module section will show the topics which are designed to carve your niche.

Awarding Body:
(REGULAR) Lakhotia College of Design ,
(INTERNATIONAL) College De Paris (France),

Semester 1
S.No. Subject code Subject Name Credit Marks End exam type
INT. EXT. Total. Practical/ Theory/ Jury/ Portfolio
1 PH23S1.M1 Photographers vision 3 50 50 100 Practical/ portfolio
2 PH23S1.M2 History of Photography 6 50 50 100 Theory
3 PH23S1.M3 Anatomy of a camera 4 50 50 100 Theory
4 PH23S1.M4 Exposure Triangle 6 50 50 100 Theory
5 PH23S1.M5 Principles of Light 5 50 50 100 Theory
6 PH23S1.M6 Principles of design 6 50 50 100 Practical

Semester 2
S.No. Subject code Subject Name Credit Marks End exam type
INT. EXT. Total. Practical/ Theory/ Jury/ Portfolio
7 PH23S2.M7 Photo Aesthetics Tech. 4 50 50 100 Practical
8 PH23S2.M7 Colour Theory & Practical 6 50 50 100 Theory/ Practical
9 PH23S2.M8 Digital Photography 4 50 50 100 Theory/ Practical
10 PH23S2.M9 Lighting in Photography 6 50 50 100 Theory/ Practical
11 PH23S2.E1A Fashion & Portraits 5 50 50 100 Theory/ Practical
PH2352.E1B Product & Advertising 5 50 50 100 Theory/ Practical
12 PH23S2.E2A Travel Photography 5 50 50 100 Theory/ Practical
PH23S2.E2B Event & Wedding Photography 5 50 50 100 Theory/ Practical

Career Path

Fashion Photographer, Freelancer Photographer, Travel Blogger/Photographer, Photojournalist, Director Of Photography, Assistant Director Of Photography, Event Photographer, wedding Photographer, Photography Lecturer/Teacher.


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Diploma in professional photography is a 1 year diploma course which helps students fulfill their dream of becoming a professional photographer. Diploma in photography course will help students develop skills and expertise to pursue projects with national and international organizations of the photography and media Industry. Diploma In Photography course imparts fine quality education to the students who aim to attain advanced knowledge in fashion, advertising, product, wedding photography. Students who choose to pursue a photography Course will have higher chances of getting placed in a higher position in any photography firm. Students who join our photography program can get a chance to Intern at London Fashion week , Dubai Fashion week, New York fashion week and Paris Fashion week as a fashion photographer which is held every year. Photography concentrates on imparting knowledge in lighting science in photography, post production software and portfolio development. To cultivate creativity and professional skills in students is the focal point of this course. The diploma In photography course also concentrates on event and wedding photography. Topics such as pre wedding conceptual shoots, people and landscape photography enhances the curriculum and helps students become industry ready.

Key Highlights of The Programme

Diploma in photography course is a 1 year diploma programme which imparts experiential learning, and professional photography skills and knowledge by the implementation of industry oriented curriculum to the students. It helps students carve their skills in lighting in photography, portrait shoots, product campaigning, fashion portfolio making and much more. Photography is a global enterprise, committed to the business of advertisements, media and fashion. The number of new photography firms is growing rapidly where the trend of photographers opting to start their own setup can be witnessed. This growing industry thus requires skilled and capable photographers who are able to meet the needs of the consumers and the rapidly growing market. To secure a job in the industry of photography, one needs to possess at least the best photography courses. Diploma in photography can only be attained after choosing the best photography college. Colleges like Lakhotia college of design which are considered amongst top photography colleges in India will sharpen the skill set, bring in a lively and exciting teaching environment and help students in increasing innovative skills.

Students' Achievements in Diploma in Professional Photography

Students who qualify for a Diploma in professional photography course are more likely to get placed in reputed companies and also acquire the skill set for an individual to start their own firm. Students who qualify a photography course get awarded by a dual body, an esteemed govt. university of India and Lakhotia College of Design, which also helps students in reserving government placements. Diploma in photography course will create numerous opportunities for higher education. Students can apply for further studies in photography at any international / national universities post completing Diploma in professional photography from Lakhotia college of Design.


After completion of photography course one can get into multiple specialized careers such as, fashion, advertising, journalism, film making, wedding and much more. 100% placement assistance is provided to students of Lakhotia college.

A diploma in photography makes you a qualified and certified photographer. It opens several career opportunities as qualified and certified photographers from Lakhotia college are always recommended first.

There is a 1 year diploma in photography, which can be applied after completion of 10th class.

1 year diploma in photography covers all topics and lessons, workshops and projects which are required for an individual to become a professional photographer.