Student Support Department

The Student Support Department at Lakhotia College is committed to providing comprehensive support to its students, ensuring their holistic development and success

1. Mental Wellness:

  • The college prioritizes mental health awareness and promotes a supportive environment where students are encouraged to prioritize their mental well-being.
  • Initiatives such as workshops, counseling services, and awareness campaigns are organized to address mental health issues and reduce stigma.

2. Women Empowerment:

  • Lakhotia College is dedicated to empowering women by offering reserved placements on campus and providing free education to two deserving women every year.
  • This initiative aims to promote gender equality and create opportunities for women to excel in their academic and professional pursuits.

3. Financial Support:

  • The college understands the financial challenges students may face and offers various support mechanisms such as education loans and flexible EMIs to ensure access to quality education.
  • These financial assistance programs aim to alleviate the burden of educational expenses and enable students to focus on their studies without financial constraints.

4. Scholarship:

  • Lakhotia College provides scholarships of up to 100% to deserving students every academic year, recognizing and rewarding academic excellence and achievements.
  • These scholarships serve as an incentive for students to strive for academic excellence and pursue their educational goals with determination.

5. Placements:

  • The college boasts a robust placement assistance program, with a dedicated placement cell working tirelessly to secure placement opportunities for students in top firms globally.
  • Through career counselling, resume building workshops, and networking events, students are equipped with the skills and resources needed to succeed in the competitive job market.

6. Internships:

  • Lakhotia College mandates a compulsory two-month internship for students after completing their courses to provide industry exposure and practical training.
  • These internships offer students valuable hands-on experience, allowing them to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world settings and develop essential professional skills.

7. Entrepreneurship Guidance:

  • In recognition of the importance of entrepreneurship in today's economy, Lakhotia College offers guidance and training to students interested in starting their own ventures.
  • Through specialized courses, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities, students are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to succeed as entrepreneurs in the modern business landscape.

8. Experiential Learning:

  • Lakhotia College emphasizes experiential learning approaches, incorporating practical exercises, case studies, and projects into the curriculum to enhance learning outcomes.
  • By engaging students in hands-on learning experiences, the college aims to foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity among its students.

9. Personal Attention and Industry Launch:

  • The college prides itself on providing personalized attention to each student, ensuring their individual needs and aspirations are addressed.
  • Through industry-oriented programs and initiatives, Lakhotia College prepares students for successful careers in their chosen fields, facilitating a smooth transition from academia to the professional world.

Overall, the Student Support Department at Lakhotia College is dedicated to nurturing students' holistic development, providing them with the necessary support, guidance, and opportunities to thrive academically, professionally, and personally.