B design in interior design

B.Design in Interior Design (International)


B.Design in Interior Design (International)

Duration: 4 Years

Awarding Body: College De Paris.

B. Design in Interior design is a 4 years course Associated and Accredited with France’s renowned university College De Paris. An absolute French flair course which helps the students to get an international exposure by learning an internationally developed curriculum. Candidates can avail our brand new program of ‘Student Mobility’ where they can avail an option of starting their course in India and completing it in Paris | Mobilier | Washington | Dubai.

This course helps student fulfill their dreams of getting an international degree while residing and learning in India. The course will help students develop skills and expertise to pursue projects with International Organizations of the Interior and Architecture Industry. Providing knowledge Qualified and Creative students belonging to this course can get a chance to Intern atvarious International Interior Design Firms and Design houses. Students who belong to this course are recommended first. It concentrates on imparting international Interior and Architecture education and expertise, Space Planning, Furniture design and construction and manufacturing technology. To cultivate aesthetics in students is the focal point of this course. The course also concentrates on Technology and Management of Residential and Commercial Interiors and Constructions. Topics such Interior business, AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Google Sketch up, Construction Techniques and History of Interiors enhances the curriculum and worth of the course. Entire Curriculum is available in the Module Section.

First Year

  • 1. Basic Design
  • 2. Introduction to Art & Interior Design
  • 3. Design Drawing and Graphics –I
  • 4. Interior Design Materials & Applications –I
  • 5. Communication Skills
  • 6. Workshop(ceramics -clay/plaster of Paris)
  • 7. Space Planning
  • 8. Creativity and Problem Solving
  • 9. Design Drawing and Graphics –II
  • 10. Interior Design Materials and Applications II
  • 11. Basic Computer Applications
  • 12. Workshop (photography

Second Year

  • 1. Interior Design Studio I
  • 2. Furniture Design
  • 3. Fundamentals of Structures
  • 4. Advanced Materials and Applications
  • 5. History of Interior Design
  • 6. Workshop (Wood, Cane, Bamboo)
  • 7. Interior Design Studio II
  • 8. Lifestyle Accessories Design
  • 9. Environmental Control
  • 10. Estimation and Project Management
  • 11. Advanced Computer Applications
  • 12. Workshop (weaving)
  • 13. Integrated Project I

Third Year

  • 1. Interior Design Studio III
  • 2. Workshop Drawing and Details
  • 3. Environmental Control
  • 4. Interior Services
  • 5. Signage and Graphics
  • 6. Workshop (Metal)
  • 7. Integrated Project II
  • 8. Interior Design studio IV
  • 9. Seminar
  • 10. Interior Landscape
  • 11. Professional Practice
  • 12. Psychology of Space and Behavioural Science
  • 13. Workshop –Printing and Textiles
  • 14. Integrated Project Work III

Fourth Year

  • 1. Textile Science
  • 2. Garment Construction
  • 3. Children Apparel
  • 4. Apparel Finishing & Clothing Care
  • 5. Computer Studies
  • 6. Fashion Design Drawing Table

Career Path

  • Interior designer
  • Free lancer
  • Interior planner
  • Interior Decorator
  • Interior stylist
  • Artist
  • Interior Consultant
  • Interior blogger
  • Design practitioner
  • Self-employed designer
  • Craft entrepreneur
  • Research developer
  • Educator
  • In house Designer
  • Architect’s Assistantship

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    B.Des in Interior Design is a 4-year program spread across eight semesters that offers students extensive knowledge in Interior Designing from space planning and building codes to textiles, furniture, lightings, flooring, furnishings, decor and sustainability. The B.Des course in interior designing provides students the foundation courses in the basics of Interior Designing such as basic drawing and creativity, sketching, material management, graphics and so on. The bachelor’s course in interior design further extends to improving the aesthetics and creativity of students in all detailed and technical aspects of Interior design such as ceilings, slopes, and doors, window design, flooring options, carpets, types of lighting fixture, kitchen design and so on. Students gain exposure through knowledge sharing sessions by experts from the field and practical experience through our well-structured practical courses.

    The course in Interior design has theoretical and practical modules on the concept of designing and interior services and styling, while imparting knowledge about the history, trends and theories of various concepts of interior designing. The course focuses on making students understand the professional aspects of designing, drafting and so on and the practical application of the same. We offer core modules on space design with Computer Aided Design (CAD). The course is a full-length professional course that will make students gain expertise in the field through expert guidance and practical exposure.


    In todays’ fast-growing world, the rate of real estate development is so high that there are jobs and opportunities pouring in for our students here at Lakhotia college of design. After completion of your 12th grade/ intermediate in any stream, you can enrol in the 4-year B.Des interior design course

    From owning and establishing your own brand name to gaining the opportunity of working with the top most firms in the country and abroad, you can get it all here at Lakhotia college of design. After completing the course of B.Des in Interior design which is internationally recognised, you have a wide array of opportunities and can work as, Free-lancer, Interior planner, Interior Decorator, Interior stylist, Artist, Interior Consultant, Interior blogger, Design practitioner, Self-employed designer, Craft entrepreneur.

    You can also become a Research developer, Educator, In house Designer, Architect’s Assistantship and so on. The skills you can build, and the exposure you can gain after earning your bachelors in Interior design, with the best Interior Designing college in Hyderabad, Lakhotia College of Design and their placement cell you will be able to achieve you goals and excel in your career by working with the top most firms and designers in Hyderabad.