Certificate in fashion design course

Certificate in Fashion Garment Making


Discover the art of turning fabrics into stylish creations with Lakhotia College of Design's enriching "Certificate in Fashion Garment Making" program. Designed for aspiring fashion enthusiasts, this comprehensive course spans six months and immerses you in the world of garment creation.

In the "Certificate in Fashion Garment Making" course, you'll explore the entire process of garment construction, from pattern drafting to sewing and finishing. Gain hands-on experience under the guidance of skilled instructors as you learn to create garments that blend aesthetics and functionality.

Uncover the secrets of fabric selection, measurements, fitting techniques, and more. Whether you're new to fashion or seeking to enhance your skills, this program offers a transformative experience that merges creativity with technical expertise.

Enroll now in the "Certificate in Fashion Garment Making" and embark on a journey to master the craft of turning fabrics into fashionable statements. Shape your future in the world of fashion with a skill set that's both timeless and in-demand.


  • Fashion Designer: Develop your skills further and evolve into a full-fledged fashion designer, creating complete collections and showcasing your unique style.
  • Garment Maker: Specialize in garment making, working with designers to bring their creations to life through precise construction.
  • Pattern Maker: Excel in pattern making, a crucial skill that contributes to the foundation of every garment design.
  • Sewing Specialist: Become a sought-after sewing expert, ensuring that garments are assembled with precision and finesse.
  • Tailor/Seamstress: Launch your own tailor shop or freelance as a skilled seamstress, catering to personalized garment alterations.
  • Fashion Entrepreneur: Leverage your garment making skills to launch your own fashion line, focusing on custom-made or specialty garments.
  • Fashion Educator: Share your expertise by becoming an instructor, teaching aspiring designers the art of garment making.
  • Costume Designer: Dive into the entertainment industry, designing costumes for theater, film, television, and other productions.
  • Bespoke Designer: Offer personalized, one-of-a-kind garments, catering to clients seeking unique pieces.
  • Fashion Consultant: Provide advice on garment construction and styling, helping clients make informed fashion choices.

Career Path

At Lakhotia College of Design the certificate in accessory design provides a strong foundation for graduates to enter the dynamic world of accessory design and embark on a fulfilling and creative career path. The versatility of this field allows graduates to explore diverse opportunities in the fashion industry, contributing to the visual narrative and aesthetics of the fashion world.

  • Accessory Designer: Graduates can work as accessory designers for fashion brands or accessory companies, creating innovative and stylish designs for bags, shoes, jewelry, and other fashion adornments.
  • Freelance Designer: As freelance designers, graduates can offer their design services to multiple clients, collaborating on a range of projects and collections.
  • Product Development Specialist: Graduates can work in product development roles, overseeing the creation and production process of accessories, ensuring quality and timely delivery.
  • Retail Buyer: Working as a retail buyer for fashion stores or boutiques, graduates curate accessory collections that align with the brand's aesthetic and cater to the target market.
  • Visual Merchandiser: Graduates can pursue careers as visual merchandisers, designing and arranging displays in retail stores to showcase accessories and attract customers.
  • Brand Manager: With further experience, graduates can become brand managers for accessory brands, overseeing the brand's identity, marketing, and product positioning.
  • Entrepreneurship: Graduates may choose to start their own accessory brand, showcasing their unique designs and building a customer base through online platforms or physical stores.
  • Trend Analyst: Working as trend analysts, graduates can research and forecast upcoming accessory trends for fashion brands and publications.
  • Product Stylist: Graduates can work as product stylists, creating visually appealing images of accessories for advertising campaigns, catalogs, and online platforms.
  • Costume Designer: In the entertainment industry, graduates can explore opportunities as costume designers for films, TV shows, or theater productions, designing accessories that complement characters' looks.


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