Certificate in interior designing

Certificate in Interior Design





Certificate course in Interior Decorations is a six-month course that makes students develop the skills of making the clients’ living and working space a work of art. The course makes students understand the basics and know-how of the so many facets to design including texture, color, composition, and arrangement. Students learn to express their own sense of style by referencing and analyzing a range of different interior styles, considering what will work for an environment, budget and taste. Students learn the first steps of decorating or revamping a space starting from colors, forms, textures, through choices of fabrics for soft furnishings and materials for hard furnishings. This makes the students gain ample knowledge that would help them pursue a career of higher studies in the field of Interior Decoration. The course is much sought after by construction and buildings professionals who intend in offering their clients something out of the box and new all the time.


Design concepts

The module offers students the basic principles and concepts of Interior Decoration and their application.

Furniture fundamentals

This module focuses on the Fundamentals of Furniture designing, standard dimensions, history and trends in furniture making and so on.

Materials and surface finishes

The course concentrates on Vertical and Horizontal surface finishes like wood, metal, flooring and so on that make an integral part of interior decoration.

Display & Styling

The course makes students develop creative and innovative skills on the art of designing and styles that are apt for a particular space. The course also makes students understand the basics of Designing and Styling.

Furnishings and Fittings

The module makes students understand the different varieties of soft and hard furnishing like wallpapers, drapery; fixtures like taps etc.

Space Planning

This module is one of the most important courses in Interior Decoration Certification. It makes students understand the importance of space planning in and offers along graphical standard & rendering techniques of dealing design ideas, concepts based on moods and themes.

Accessories, trends and their usage

This module deals with interior artifacts and arrangement of things for the purpose of display, photography and so on.

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