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Perception Of Fashion In India As Compared To The Western World

It has been said many times over that fashion in India is still in its nascent ( infant) stage when compared to her western counterparts. I would say fashion in India has certainly crossed its nascent stage but the Indian impression and perception about fashion is warped. It is not that Indians do not know or comprehend what fashion all over the west is. They are certainly very aware in this genre but when it comes to themselves personally they prefer to stick to a comfort zone. Let us analyse why. Indians travel like there is no tomorrow. There is certainly a lot of cash flow and to say that India is a poor country where there are other more important issues is passed. The Indian consumer certainly is a buyer of top international brands but the number of people who purchase clothing from luxury brands is lesser than the ones who buy accessories. The reason being the Indian body structure does not call for international silhouettes and so there is a major preference for eyewear,bags,perfume and shoes. Garment wise we still stick to a familiar turf wherein the ethnic ensemble dominates our wardrobes. What may work for a buyer in Europe has to be slightly tweaked for somebody in India based on their utilitarian habits.

Indians may not possess the same pace of acceptance of a new product when compared to another buyer in a southeast Asian country. Indians do follow fashion but largely after seeking approvals or sometimes under peer pressure. It is always obvious that Indians implement the – I wear what I am comfortable in- attitude. Now comforts translate into habits and habits into stagnation and an inability to see themselves in anything apart from the tried and tested route. They do not still want to venture off the trodden path. While images all over our tabloids show us various ways to dress and the society pages are agog with celebrities being so experimental,it does not signify India as a whole. We cannot by and large say India is getting very fashionable just by seeing the upwordly mobile dressing upscale. It is the streets,the middle class and the common man or the woman who has to adopt fashion on a daily basis for a city or a country to boast about its fashion quotient.

Abroad as soon as a new style is unveiled,it is grabbed by everybody as daily fashion consciousness is the norm. In India we have far too many hurdles such as extreme conservatism, restrictions, self comforts and limitations and traditional approaches. Even food habits come in the way. Climatic conditions although debatable have an influence. We are a tropical country with hot weather round the year. You don’t really see people with suits, jackets and fur coats walking down the roads,bus and train stations. In colder countries the opposite is the sight. There is something so visually impactful and arresting about global dressing. In India,we have to admit that mostly people dress to cover their physical flaws or hide themselves. Celebration of the physique is not the norm here neither is showing off fashion as much it is elsewhere. Yet it cannot be undermined that India is looking ahead slowly but surely.



Professor at Lakhotia Institute of Design

Styling you Shirt – Statement Shirts

Styling you Shirt – Statement Shirts

However, you flip it and turn it and roll it around and more often than not I end up dressing up in a hurry. Hence in the same outfit all the time. So I’m either in jeans + various tops (statement shirts in spring), OR I’m in activewear. I’ve come to terms with it really, and I think it’s a sartorial condition of the lazy fashion lover. Also, I don’t have a walk-in closet. It’d be so easy to dress up if I saw all my clothes lined up, and practically putting themselves together for my fashion sake.

I can’t be the only one in this situation, right?!

So this condition alongside my lack of time and lazy way of being has led to me opting for style gimmicks – jewellery, great shoes, statement shirts –  that trick people into thinking I actually put effort into my looks, and I actually give a damn. I do, but I also don’t, you know. Like I’m so lazy, but I’m so active as well. #gymratalert Never mind.

Statement Shirts: Why They’re The Best Style Gimmick For Lazy People?

When designers showed statement shirts in their 2016-2017 collections – big sleeves, massive collars, oversized, ruffles et all – I was taken aback, to be honest.

Nevertheless,  I have learned to never say never, hence my love and penchant in 2017 Spring for statement shirts. They are a blessing when dressing up. They don’t only make it okay to wear a simple denim bottom, but actually require your most basic jeans or skirt ever. Man, talk about a trend right down my street.

Statement shirts like button downs for both girls and boys, or Spanish flamenco-inspired styles with massive sleeves and wrap like design, or crispy ruffles are the statement shirts of 2017. They look amazing with the least fashion effort you can put together on those mornings you hate everything.

How To Wear Statement Shirts?

  • Step 1: be aware of the occasion. Office wear goes well with statement shirts like button downs.
  • Step 2: pick a statement shirt. For business keep it statement professional, and for the party go all out.
  • Step 3. Pair it with jeans. Simple as that. From classic cuts to boyfriends, and skinny. Yeah, I know they say skinny jeans are dead. I refuse to believe it. So judge me.
  • Step 4: Chose your shoes. Shoes usually set the tone. Sneakers and flats for a more cool laid back style. Heels for the opposite.

Picture source: The Internet

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Design your career

Design your career

If you have a creative mind and a skill for sketching , then dont get worried we at lakhotia provide you a promissing career in fashion desinging and we will also create you a brand in the world of fashion design by opting fashion desinging career at lakhotia you need to be creative and artistic because as you design garments you need to have one manditory quality that is creativity and artistic sense because this required lot of detailing and mostimportant thing is that you need to have good understanding of colour , texture and fabric quality and you are working with

Our fashion designing programs allows students to discover their innate qualities related to fashion and designing, and take their passion for fashion to the next level. It aims to combine creativity of artistic minds with technical proficiency. An integrated approach towards creative applications is provided through theoretical classes and practical trainings. Students are taught about colours, compositions, pattern making, cutting and everything that it takes to become an accomplished designer. It also gives them a deep understanding of current market trends and potential strategies to sail through

Lakhotia New Programs

Lakhotia New Programs

Lakhotia Institute of Design and Management now offers BBA degree program’s ( Affiliated to Acharya Nagarjuna University) in interior design and fashion design . The programs are intended to develop a band of professionals for designing in the two emerging fields of the new corporate era



Evolve 3

Evolve 3

We are pretty excited about announcing that our Fashion Show event EVOLVE is on 15th December. The venue is at the beautiful Hotel Sheraton, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. We have worked very hard for this event and we hope that everyone will make some time from their hectic schedule. The time for the event is from 7 pm to 10 pm. Not only that we have coupled other events with this one.

Not to mention a star attraction at Evolve 3. And yes THIS IS A FREE EVENT!!! Please do watch the promo video below.

All are welcome…

Eshtyle of Michelle Obama

Eshtyle of Michelle Obama

MICHELLE OBAMA one of the most influential women in the world as her role as first lady comes to an end here we present you her top 5 looks



Fgettyimages93363953_a_p gettyimages84384076_a_por her first black-tie affair at the White House, Michelle proved she wasn’t afraid to glam up. At the 2009 Governors Dinner, FLOTUS stepped out in a shimmery, strapless number with sex appeal, by eveningwear and bridal designer Peter Soronen. The shiny gown was topped off with a statement necklace of layered pearls, which she helped to popularise in fashion.



Skills Needed in a Fashion Photography Job

Skills Needed in a Fashion Photography Job

Fashion Photography is now trending career option , Everyone wants to be a photographer but owning a DSLR doesnt make you that so here we are going to tell what you need to be an amazing fashion photographer


  • Artistic Sensibility: Thinking that fashion photography is nothing more than taking pictures of models and clothing would be too simplistic a view. Fashion photographers set and capture a mood. This takes creativity and innovation. Attention to artistic detail is key for any aspiring fashion photographer.
  • Technical Skill: From traditional development methods to digital editing, technology plays an increasingly important role in this field. Fashion photographers who have the necessary computer skills can use digital photography technology to edit their work and create special effects.
  • Organizational Ability: Since many fashion photographers freelance, those who are self-starters should do well in this field. The ability to stay organized and focused will help when establishing a credible reputation in the industry.
  • Teamwork: The ability to work well with others is beneficial in fashion photography, as in any field. You will need to be able to communicate with your customers and deliver the product they want. You will also need to be able to work with a variety of people—from models to stylists—to complete your work.
Unleash your inner Veronica

Unleash your inner Veronica

Veronica, Deepika’s character in Cocktail was one hell of a girl! Unleash your inner Veronica by wearing something outside your comfort zone. It could be those rocket high heels or some blingy accessory. Anything that you so badly wanted to wear but never had the chance to do so. Just remember one thing, do it with Confidence.

Cause ultimately its the confidence that matters and not the clothes!