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The Best Architects and Interior Designers of the World-Part 3

People get bored with any trend, so some architects tried to revolt against Modernism and suddenly “Less is more” became “less is bore”. The resulting trend was called Post Modernism. This type of Architecture emerged in the 1960’s and continued till 1990’s and then split up into many other groups. An American Architect Robert venturi […]

The Best Architects and Interior Designers of the World-Part 2

What makes man think differently in Architecture, Interior Design or any other art forms? It is creativity. The Modernist Movement was pioneered by the rebels who wanted a drastic change in the milieu of earth.

The Best Architects and Interior Designers of the World-Part 1

This series of blogs is for knowing the ones who pioneered the modernist movement in Design and Architecture. Modernism was a reaction to the old highly ornamental schools of design. Buildings were being built till the end of 19th century with lot of ornamentation and lacked simplicity,

Metals in Interiors

Metals can be used fantastically in an Interior Design, the glow the warmth and the intimacy that metals can create in an Interior is unparallel. Metals come in many colors, like Aluminum is shining white, copper is shining red, and Brass is shining yellow.

Lift your Interiors with Lights

What is life without light, during the day and night? Principally though this blog discusses artificial lighting techniques for the night. We will cover day light in Interiors in some other Blog. Light is important and it must be used in all its variants to make your Interior dynamic.

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