Ayesha Azhar

Principal and CEO.

Lakhotia College of Design was started with the aim of inculcating the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies in students that are essential for turning them into competent and committed professionals in their respective sector. Lakhotia has been offering educational services over a decade and a half contributing towards the continuous development of the society. We offer competent professionals to the field of Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Textile Designing, Architecture Designing, Pattern Making, Fashion Styling, Game Designing, Filmmaking, Graphic Designing, Photography, Modelling and Hotel Management sectors.

We follow a strict quality management system (ISO-QMS) where we consistently monitor the Total Performance of students, facilitating students in achieving their goals and objectives.

We concentrate on imparting practical knowledge through training activities and theory classes where students become competent to achieve their goals. We offer job oriented courses which help in improving the employability skills of our students. We offer training programs based on modular employability skills that facilitate students in acquiring job opportunities and create a defined path for career growth. Lakhotia has associations with various industries in the field of design that help in redefining the curriculum to the expected standards in the fields of Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, and Hotel Management. Our student Total Performance monitoring system continuously tracks students’ performance, identifies discrepancies and takes adequate steps to minimize the deviation between students’ performance and our goals We encourage parental intervention in molding and directing students to achieve their goals. We enhance practical knowledge and exposure of our students in the respective courses by conducting regular training, field experiments, workshops, seminars, guest lectures by industrial experts and so on.

Lakhotia identifies the dynamicity of the expectations in the field of human resources and trains our students in such a way that their skills and competencies are on par with the need and expectations of the industry. We regularly conduct mock interviews and sample tests that help in improving our students’ interview and analytical skills, which enables them to achieve their career goals. We handcraft the goals of our students colorfully by gratifying their educational needs and delighting their interest in the field. We work hard towards achieving continuous progress of our students, the industries and the society as a whole by through understanding of the environmental changes and implementing innovative measures to enhance the productivity. Lakhotia is a student-friendly institution that aims at chiseling them to be better professionals and contributing citizens of the country.