Learning is an on-going process. Lakhotia college of design is built with state of art infrastructure that provides students with a wide range of learning experiences. At the Lakhotia College of Design, we have a variety of tools that facilitate learning in students and we follow a flexible and adaptable methodology towards training that is on par with the changing needs and norms of the industry. LID always stays attuned with the surroundings, the environment and the culture that makes the society thereby occupying a stand-alone place among other design institutions. LID offers rich knowledge of the society and blends it with design developments that are driven contextually and the thoughts of the world. This makes LID stand on a pedestal above all other design institutions.

At LID students are encouraged to experience, experiment, innovate and integrate learning to make real-time professional decisions. Our teaching methodology is characterized by inculcating thinking skills and promote self-reliant learning. We encourage students to investigate and learn cultural and creative factors that influence art and design. These factors include the social, technological, economic, ecological, aesthetic and global forces that shape modern thinking and influences artists and designers to different directions.

One of the most important aspects of our learning approach is to debate and discuss. We encourage our students to review and test, debate and develop ideas rigorously. We have classroom training through lectures and brainstorming sessions, audio-visual learning through presentations on research works, field-based learning in industries and real-time work situations, learning from peers and mentor emulation, project-based learning and various other innovative methods of training and learning.
Students’ critical thinking and independent working skills in students are enhanced by linking theoretical knowledge to new ideas and challenges. This facilitates them to acquire a complete understanding of the of art and design and its application, development and progression choices and opportunities.

It transcends from bringing fragments together to form a whole generic perspective to specific goals. Thus, an overall cohesive, appropriate and nurturing environment for learning exists at LID.


The pride of Lakhotia is the integrated learning. The curriculum includes learning from the grass root level with expertise from local artisans in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, This enables in creating social and cultural awareness and responsibility among students when hands-on field experience of the local practices needed to develop essential skills. The students not only grasp the ideas of our rich culture and tradition but also concentrate on providing maintainable solutions to the local crafts, thereby producing revolutionary professionals anywhere, and everywhere.

The key to taking initiatives and gaining the necessary skills that a practical training cannot provide is multidisciplinary learning. Learning from experts (craftsmen) enriches the members of Lakhotia faculty with knowledge shared via presenting research papers at various international forums.


Work outcome and environmental influence go hand in hand. Creativity and originality are the basics of design our classrooms and labs, CAD centers, classrooms and so on. We provide the right atmosphere for instigating the creativity in students from within and without. A pleasantly and logically adopted design process and approach provides students with the necessary analytical skill sets to crack any problem and the issues within.


The curriculum at LID concentrates on developing entrepreneurial skills inculcating emphatic leadership with sensitivity to the society that chisels them to become thought leaders and change makers in the society. We provide individual attention to students keeping adequate student staff ratio and being sensitive to the different backgrounds from which the students hail from. We have flexible and emphatic teachers and mentors who are adaptable, who enhance their own skill-sets forever. They inspire, motivate and empower students as professionals who with their stirred self-belief will create a better society and become accomplishing entrepreneurs.


The teaching methodology at Lakhotia aims at incorporating the inputs from core functional areas to interdisciplinary issues and problem solving – which emphasizes on learning on their own by using knowledge, practice, and experience. We assess through monthly cycles, classroom, open houses and semester board systems meticulously strengthen the determination of our students in preparing them to take up challenges on their own. Lakhotia’s grading system adds refinement and polish to the coarsest stone, converting our students to aspiring leaders in the future, where we think the world will once again look up to India look for new ideas supported with everlasting historicity. Thus, Lakhotia’s teaching methodology aims at grooming students towards success.