Certificate in Fashion Luxury Brand Management


Certificate in Fashion Luxury Brand Management

Duration: 6 Months

Eligibility: 10th / SSC

The program of Luxury Brand management at Lakhotia College of Design aims to prepare students with a wide range of relevant skill sets which leads them in getting placements in main stream luxury brands located nationally and internationally. Learning this program can make students eligible to be an independent entrepreneur or to be employable in the luxury industry. There are many verticles in which the luxury sector can broadly split. Be it Assets, Products or Services.

Luxury Assets: luxury cars, private jets, superyachts, luxury watches, Jewelry etc.

Luxury Products: Garments and Apparels, Accessories, Furniture, Pens and Keychains etc

Luxury Services: Luxury Fine Dining, Hotels, Resorts, Farm Houses, Spas etc

Lakhotia college of design offers a 6 months certification course in Luxury Brand Management program which makes the students become industry ready after getting trained under high profile mentors and industry experts who carry immense experience in the management of luxury brands.


1. Business Communications .

2. Fundamentals of Management

3. Luxury Industry Appreciation.

4. Luxury Good and Services.

5. Luxury Retail Merchandising and Operations

6. Luxury Marketing.

7. Marketing Research.

8. Marketing Fundamentals.

9. Aesthetics and Culture of Fashion and Luxury Market.

10. Content creation for social media.

11. Digital marketing communications.

12. Ethics and sustainability.

Career Path

Career opportunities for Fashion Stylists/ Image Consultants

There is a wide array of career opportunities available for trained, qualified and skilled Fashion Stylists. Fashion stylists enable clients in improving their personality and image, come-up with out of the box ideas for photo-shoots, select clothing and accessories according to the events, assist and organize filmmaking and photo-shoots, be a part of trending fashion magazines and fashion evens and so on. They usually work as freelancers, although some are employed in independent publishing houses, modelling and advertising agencies, event management organizations, fashion brands and labels, shopping centers or popular retail brand outlets and more.

Fashion stylists offer a range of services in the following areas of work:

  • Personal Styling and personality image building:  involves offering guidance and assistance to individuals on the ways in which they can improve their image by getting to know the right clothing and suitable accessories that complement their skin tone, personality, figure and lifestyle. This also involves coordinating shopping trips for clients, selecting clothing and accessories they can wear for events, etc., and offering skin care tips, advice on maintaining a good scalp and hair, self-esteem and personality development, beauty treatments, etiquettes and so on. Personal styling is considered as the basics for every other forms of styling. Studies on personal styling are also popularly known as Image Consulting, Personal Shopping and Celebrity Styling.
  • Editorial Styling: involves concept creating and coordination of the photo-shoots fashion magazine pages, pages in journals, cover pages, online and direct media publications. This also involves the process of selecting the items that have to appear in the product pages for fashion magazines, article writing on personal styles, trends of the time, fashion trends and so on.
  • Wardrobe Styling:  concentrates on developing the attractive look for individuals who are actors and actresses, musicians, play back singers, band/ on-stage performers, dancers, television personalities like newsreaders, show-hosts, and models working in film, TV, events, Concerts and Theatre productions by selecting the necessary wardrobe items and accessories. It is a form of Show styling that has a wide scope in the media industry.
  • Commercial Styling: focusses on providing styling services for models, actors and actresses for making advertisements and commercials. It involves a range of activities from selecting the right and suited wardrobe items, organizing and coordinating shoots by selecting pleasing and apt locations, models, make-up artists, technical teams, and photography/videography and so on.
  • Corporate Styling: concentrates on offering guidance to corporate organizations on their uniforms, company’s t-shirts, conducting talks/seminars to employees on their personal appearance, personality, in-house magazine, journal publications and more.
  • Catalogue Styling: focuses on coordinating with designers and fashion businesses on coming up with promotional materials such as product catalogues, brochures and advertisements. Catalogue Styling also involves Merchandise Styling.
  • Show Styling: involves organizing and coordination of events, fashion walks, shows and fashion parades. This involves public speaking, compeering, backstage work on fashion events and parades, selecting models, coordinating with the running order, selection of dresses and suitable accessories, venue selection, event-concept development, dealing with the media, photography/videography, and public relation companies.
  • Photographic Styling: concentrates on styling photo-shoots, photographs and contains styling editorials, commercials and catalogues.
  • Merchandise Styling: focuses on creation of product displays in retail brand outlets or for photo-shoots.

The following activities are performed by fashion stylists;

  • Provide guidance to clients on selecting clothing and suited accessories to show-off their figure, suit the skin-tone and portraying the image they wish to carry.
  • Advice clients on beauty care, skin and hair care and health management.
  • Write articles and blogs on the trending fashions.
  • Offer a direction and innovative ideas on fashion for buyers, merchandisers, product developers and designers
  • Organize, host and compare fashion parades, events, walks and shows.
  • Guidance and direction of photography of items, accessories and clothing designated for promotion.
  • Selection of items that appear in fashion magazines, journals and media publications.
  • Finding the right clothing for actors, actresses, models, TV personalities, celebrities and organizing the wardrobe for movie and Television actors.
  • Sourcing items and props related to fashion for photo-shoots and videography and placement of TV or Film Personalities or products in Fashion Magazines and media publications.
  • Provide guidance on approached to photography, location selection, selection of items and props, selection of clothing and accessories for models, finding the right makeup artists, photographers, hair stylists, technical team and the overall look of models and actors for photo-shoots and videography.
  • Delivering speeches, talks and workshops at events about image and fashion trends
  • Deliver make-up, beauty care and hair styling services to clients or offer complete makeup and hair styling at the shooting locations.
  • Liasoning with fashion designers, retailers, the media, model organizations, photographers, technicians, makeup artists, beauticians, hairdressers, beauty therapists and personal trainers.

Fashion Stylists are required to travel across states and countries to conduct research on the latest fashion trends. The careers available for Fashion Stylists are as follows:

  • Fashion Journalist / Fashion Editor- Journalism jobs for Fashion Magazine and Journals.
  • Fashion Buyer- Retail buyers in the fashion industry.
  • Fashion Merchandiser- Fashion styling merchandising
  • Fashion Marketing- Marketing for fashion brands and articles
  • Fashion Designer- Designing and Styling in the Fashion industry.
  • Interior Decorator / Stylist- Decoration of Interiors for stores and outlets.
  • Visual Merchandiser- usage of design skills to promote the brand image of products and services in retail businesses and other organizations.
  • Makeup Artist- Beauticians and Hair Dressing for Models
  • Beauty Therapist- Offering Beauty tips and guidance.
  • Food Stylist- Decoration of foods and savories in food events and festivals
  • Marketing & Public Relations
  • Events management- organizing and Coordinating Fashion and Design Events
  • Wedding planning- Planning end-to-end activities in Weddings from decoration and clothing to gifts for guests.
  • Fashion Retail Sales Assistant
  • Advertising Agent- Advertisements and Commercial, design and promotion
  • Set Designer- Designing, Coordination and Management of Sets for TV, Fashion Shows and Events.
  • Photographer
  • Creative Director- Direction of the creative and Aesthetic aspects of Film making and photography
  • Model / Talent Agent- Handling Model portfolios, coordination with models for events, training and talent management of models and actors.
  • Life Coaching- helping individuals achieve their personal and professional goals

Student Work

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