Architecture Courses

Architecture is an art and science of designing and engineering large structures and buildings. Architects design structures fit for human use and therefore are largely responsible for the safety and reliability of these structures. Students must be prepared to study for a relatively long period before becoming a licensed architect. Often you will have to commit to at least five years of study [bachelor’s and master’s degree levels] and two years of practical work experience. B. Design Architecture is an undergraduate degree in the field of architecture.

This five-year full-time program is a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge for students to learn the art of planning, designing and constructing structures of various kinds. From ideating to mapping and overseeing the construction, a qualified architect is involved at every stage of any construction project. To become an architect, interested candidates need to have a rational and artistic bent of mind along with problem-solving abilities.

The career scope of BArch graduates in India is tremendous with the flourishing construction sector. A qualified BArch graduate has the option to choose their line of work from a range of areas ranging from consultants to architectural designers.

Why Choose Architecture as your Career?

B. Design programme [bachelor’s degrees] in architecture colleges includes structural engineering, architectural history, principles of environmental design and building material studies.Lakhotia College of Design is one of the best architecture colleges in Hyderabad which ensures that the students are provided with the fine quality education amongst all architecture colleges.

Lakhotia College of design, which is considered as one of the top architecture colleges in Hyderabad, helps students learn designing skills, knowledge of building and construction, designing of interiors, thinking and reasoning skills, customer service skills, excellent communication skills, analytical thinking skills and the ability to take initiative. Besides a 3 year bachelor’s degree, Lakhotia College of Design also caters a 1 year diploma course in architectural assistantship.

Architecture Colleges in Hyderabad

Lakhotia College of Design, established in 1990, provides the finest quality of education and is one of the top architecture colleges in Hyderabad. Our goal is to create an environment that shall foster the growth of intellectually capable and innovative individuals, which shall contribute to the growth of the design industry.

Lakhotia is a college that offers great quality education in a diverse environment. From disciplinary teaching to knowledgeable training sessions, Lakhotia College of Design brings forth the best teaching methodology and lively teaching environment. Technology in academics makes Lakhotia college the best architecture college in Hyderabad. We understand and acknowledge the need for experts and industry involvement. Hence, the faculty at Lakhotia are hand-picked for their proven track record and substantial industry experience.

Types of Architecture Courses Offered

Lakhotia College of design offers the best architecture courses in Hyderabad. It offers a 3 years B. Design Architecture degree course and a one year diploma in architecture. Subjects in architecture, construction technology, housing, construction management, community architecture, facility planning, architectural planning and rendering,interior design are covered in basic and advanced curriculum.

With an excellent board of faculties and new age teaching methodology Lakhotia college of design ranks no. 1 in providing great quality of education and is considered to be the best architecture college in Hyderabad.

Career options in Architecture Course

Completing a degree in architecture can be a long and arduous process, but also wonderfully rewarding. Despite this, many freshly graduated architects find themselves unsure about where to begin but Lakhotia College of Design which is considered one of the top architecture colleges in Hyderabad offers Architecture courses of various durations, such as a 3 years B. Design Architecture as well as a 1 year Diploma course which leads to many career options like landscape architect, urban planner, restoration architect, research architect, lightning architect etc.


Architecture is a great career option and has immense scope in global industry. An individual has to pursue a degree in architecture or diploma in architectural assistantship at the best architecture college to become a successful architect.

An individual has to pursue a degree in architecture or diploma in architectural assistantship at the best architecture college to become a successful architect.

There is an ample number of career opportunities available for architect graduates. Architects design structures and give a physical face-lift as well as provide functional utility, safety and economy. Therefore, they play a very important role in the industry.