Welcome to the world of creative expression and confident self-presentation with our comprehensive Fashion Styling Course! If you're searching for "grooming classes near me," look no further. This dynamic program not only encompasses the art of personal style but also delves into the essential realm of grooming and presentation. Over the course of 1 year or 6 months, we will immerse you in the fascinating intricacies of fashion styling, offering you the chance to unlock your inner stylist through hands-on experiences and expert guidance.

Whether you're aspiring to become a personal stylist or simply seeking to refine your own fashion sensibilities, our Fashion Styling Course is the perfect opportunity to make your mark in the world of style.


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The Department of Fashion Design at Lakhotia College of Design offers a creative and innovative environment for aspiring fashion designers to express their unique style. With experienced faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and strong industry connections, students have the tools they need to succeed. Our programs include a Bachelor of Fashion Design, Master of Fashion Design, Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Design, M.Sc in Fashion Design, Diploma and Advanced diploma in Fashion Design, short-term certificate courses and workshops. Students from all programs get a chance to showcase their creations through annual fashion shows and exhibitions. If you're passionate about fashion and seeking a supportive community to nurture your creativity, Lakhotia College of Design is the perfect place to start your fashion journey


Telangana Rasta Sarwabhowma Award For ‘Best College For Fashion Design’

Lakhotia College of Design's commitment to quality education, emphasis on industry collaboration, and focus on nurturing creative talent contributed to its recognition with the Telangana Rashtra Sarwabhowma Award. By producing skilled and innovative fashion designers, the college has made a significant contribution to the fashion industry and the cultural landscape of Telangana. The college's success stemmed from its modern curriculum, experienced faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and strong industry collaboration. Fashion shows, alumni success stories, and support for entrepreneurship further highlighted its excellence. The institution also emphasized social and environmental responsibility in fashion design.



Campus Life

The life of a fashion design student at Lakhotia College of Design is an enriching and rewarding experience. With a nurturing environment, dedicated faculty, and ample opportunities to showcase their talent, students emerge from the college as confident, skilled, and industry-ready designers, ready to make their mark in the fascinating world of fashion.


Lakhotia’s Design Horizon

A Dawn to Dusk Canvas for Learning at Lakhotia College.

Flexible college time slots for diverse group of design aspirants
7 am to 9 am


Early Morning batch for early risers!


Designed for students, working professionals, parents and home makers.

10 am to 2 pm


4 - hours of dynamic day time sessions for convenient learning.

12 pm to 4 pm


Afternoon Learning Hours to avail after morning chores.

3 pm to 6 pm


Late Afternoon Batch


An after hour learning program for individuals living busy days

6 pm to 8 pm


Evening Batch


Designed for the busy lives to follow their dreams in design education post working hours.



Launch Yourself

Get Placed in a reputed design studio or start your very own design studio!


Certificate in photography

Embark on a transformative journey of fashion entrepreneurship at Lakhotia’s E- Fashion Studio. Unlock your skills and shape your dreams into stunning realities within our digital haven. Step into a world where pixels become the canvas for your visionary designs, and let your imagination soar in this vibrant platform tailored exclusively for budding fashion entrepreneurs.





Certificate in photography

At Lakhotia College, we take great pride in our robust placement program, ensuring that our students are well-equipped and ready to excel in the fashion industry. With strong industry connections and collaborations, we provide a platform for our talented graduates to showcase their skills and secure coveted placements at renowned fashion houses, design studios, and entrepreneurial ventures. Our dedicated placement cell works tirelessly to facilitate internships, apprenticeships, and job opportunities, empowering our students to embark on successful careers and make their mark in the world of fashion.




At Lakhotia College, we believe in providing our students with global exposure and valuable international experiences. Through our exclusive international internship opportunities, we open doors to prestigious fashion events such as
Certificate in photography






Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of these fashion capitals as you work alongside industry experts, renowned designers, and creative visionaries. Our students have the chance to witness first hand the inner workings of iconic runway shows, participate in backstage preparations, and contribute to the creation of cutting-edge collections.

These international internships offer a unique blend of cultural immersion, networking, and skill development, propelling our students towards an international career trajectory. They provide invaluable insights into the global fashion landscape, nurturing creativity and expanding horizons.

At Lakhotia College, we prioritize forging connections with key players in the fashion industry, enabling our students to unlock unparalleled opportunities and gain a competitive edge in the dynamic world of fashion.



Study In Paris


Certificate in photography

Earn your certification from Paris without leaving the comfort of Lakhotia College. Our collaboration with College de Paris allows you to study at our esteemed institution in Hyderabad while receiving a prestigious certification from Paris. Benefit from our comprehensive curriculum, designed to meet international standards, and acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the global fashion industry. With our unique program, you can gain a world-class education and the coveted Parisian certification, opening doors to exciting career opportunities worldwide.


Certificate in photography

Experience the best of both worlds with our Student Mobility Program in partnership with College de Paris. Begin your fashion journey at Lakhotia College in Hyderabad, where you'll receive a strong foundation in design and industry knowledge. Then, embark on an exciting adventure as you transition to Paris for your final semester, immersing yourself in the epicentre of fashion. Expand your horizons, absorb the rich cultural tapestry of Paris, and enhance your skills under the guidance of esteemed faculty, all while embracing the allure of the City of Lights.



Annual Fashion Show

Lakhotia College's annual fashion show is a dazzling spectacle that showcases the remarkable talent and creativity of our graduating fashion design students. It is a culmination of their hard work, dedication, and artistic vision throughout their educational journey.

This eagerly anticipated event serves as a platform for our budding designers to unveil their avant-garde collections to a discerning audience comprising industry professionals, fashion enthusiasts, and esteemed guests. The runway comes alive with an explosion of colors, textures, and innovative designs, reflecting the students' unique perspectives and cutting-edge fashion sensibilities.

Certificate in photography

Our fashion show not only celebrates individual creativity but also fosters collaboration, as students work collaboratively in various aspects of the show, including choreography, set design, and styling. It is an immersive experience that encapsulates the spirit of Lakhotia College's commitment to nurturing emerging talent and pushing the boundaries of fashion innovation.

Be prepared to be captivated, inspired, and awestruck as our graduating fashion design students take center stage, leaving an indelible mark on the fashion landscape with their extraordinary collections.

Fashion Designing, a professional career, and a beautiful art of applying aesthetics, garment construction, creation of various apparel concepts and producing them in the market, happens to be the most prestigious profession of the current century. An art practice of creating designs and garments based on client’s requirement or by the own creative vision of setting the trends with fashion design courses.

The industry of fashion design happens to be the most competitive and only creativity, passion, discipline, and zeal can drive an aspirant towards success. To achieve success, it requires for a person to attain excellence which is only provided at Lakhotia College of Fashion Design has been one of the best fashion design colleges for the last 32 years.

Fashion Styling and Grooming College in Hyderabad

Discover your path to a successful career in the world of fashion with our leading Fashion Styling and Grooming College in Hyderabad. Offering a diverse range of fashion styling courses and grooming classes, we are your ultimate destination to turn your passion for style into a rewarding profession. Our comprehensive styling courses cover everything from fashion fundamentals to advanced techniques, ensuring you're equipped with the skills needed to excel in the industry. Join us to embark on a transformative styling course that hones your creativity and refines your grooming expertise, setting you on the journey to becoming a sought-after fashion stylist.

Types of fashion designing courses offered

Explore a diverse array of opportunities in the realm of fashion through our specialized courses. From the highly sought-after Diploma in Fashion Styling to immersive Fashion Styling Courses, we offer a range of options to suit your aspirations. Elevate your skills with our expert-led classes and unlock your creative potential. For those looking for "grooming classes near me," our comprehensive programs provide a perfect blend of fashion knowledge and personal grooming expertise. Join us to embark on a journey of learning and transformation in the world of fashion styling.

Career options in fashion styling and grooming

The world of fashion offers an exciting array of career opportunities for those passionate about styling and grooming. By enrolling in a fashion styling course or grooming classes, you can embark on a journey that opens doors to a variety of rewarding paths. Whether you're dreaming of becoming a personal stylist, fashion consultant, image coach, or even a fashion blogger, these courses lay the foundation for your success. With the increasing demand for skilled professionals in the industry, there's a growing need for individuals who have honed their expertise through fashion styling courses and grooming classes.

From fashion shoots and runway shows to editorial spreads and celebrity styling, the possibilities are endless. As you master the art of pairing outfits, accessories, and hairstyles, you can find yourself shaping the way people perceive fashion and personal appearance. The knowledge gained from grooming classes and fashion styling courses can also be a stepping stone into the world of fashion event management, where your insights can be invaluable in orchestrating stunning visual experiences.

For those searching "grooming classes near me," these courses offer practical and hands-on learning experiences that extend beyond the classroom. You'll have the chance to work with real clients, understand their needs, and provide expert guidance. Additionally, the networking opportunities within the fashion courses can lead to collaborations with photographers, makeup artists, designers, and more, fostering a well-rounded understanding of the industry.

In conclusion, a world of possibilities awaits those who delve into the realm of fashion styling and grooming. With the right training from fashion styling courses, grooming classes, and personal stylist courses, you can shape your passion into a fulfilling career. So, whether you're drawn to the glitz of the runway or the everyday elegance of personal styling, these courses can pave the way for a successful and dynamic journey in the ever-evolving world of fashion.


Fashion and grooming are two interconnected yet distinct aspects that contribute to personal style and presentation. Fashion refers to the clothing, accessories, and overall aesthetic choices that individuals make to express their personality and follow prevailing trends. It encompasses clothing styles, colors, fabrics, and accessories that reflect one's taste and cultural influences.

On the other hand, grooming relates to personal care and hygiene practices that enhance an individual's appearance. It involves maintaining clean skin, well-kept hair, appropriate makeup (if applicable), and overall tidiness. Grooming ensures that individuals present themselves in a polished and well-put-together manner.

In essence, while fashion primarily revolves around clothing and style choices, grooming focuses on personal upkeep and hygiene. Together, they create a holistic approach to self-presentation, allowing individuals to showcase their unique style through fashion while ensuring they appear well-groomed and confident.

An individual has to pursue a degree in architecture or diploma in architectural assistantship at the best architecture college to become a successful architect.

Embarking on a fulfilling career in fashion styling begins with a solid foundation of knowledge and practical skills. To start your journey, consider enrolling in reputable fashion styling courses that offer a comprehensive curriculum. Look for courses that cover not only fashion trends and styling techniques but also grooming classes to enhance your expertise in personal presentation.

By seeking out "grooming classes near me," you can gain hands-on experience in maintaining a polished appearance, a crucial aspect of the fashion styling profession. These classes will equip you with the skills needed to advise clients on both fashion choices and grooming practices.

A personal stylist course can be an invaluable step, providing specialized training in understanding individual preferences, body types, and lifestyles. This knowledge will enable you to curate personalized looks that resonate with your clients.

Throughout your journey, stay updated with the latest fashion trends and industry developments. Networking with professionals, attending fashion events, and building a strong online presence through platforms like social media or a personal blog can help you showcase your unique style and attract potential clients.

In summary, a successful career in fashion styling requires a combination of education, practical experience, and a genuine passion for fashion. By enrolling in reputable fashion styling courses, attending grooming classes, and honing your personal stylist skills, you can pave the way for a rewarding journey in the dynamic world of fashion.

Absolutely, pursuing a career as a fashion stylist can be incredibly rewarding and promising. In today's image-conscious world, the demand for skilled fashion stylists is on the rise. As a fashion stylist, you have the unique opportunity to merge creativity with practicality, helping individuals and even brands present themselves in the best possible light.

Enrolling in reputable fashion styling courses, such as those offered at Lakhotia College, can provide you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in this field. From understanding fashion trends to mastering styling techniques, these courses equip you with a well-rounded skill set. Don't forget to consider grooming classes as well, as personal presentation is a fundamental aspect of the profession.

The versatility of a fashion stylist's role is a strong advantage. You could work with individual clients, offer your expertise to fashion publications, contribute to advertising campaigns, or even collaborate with designers. Your understanding of fashion courses, styling techniques, and personal grooming can set you apart in this competitive industry.

It's important to stay updated on the latest fashion trends and build a network within the industry. Embrace opportunities to showcase your skills, whether through internships, freelance work, or personal projects. As you gain experience and recognition, your career trajectory can be quite promising.

In conclusion, being a fashion stylist is a fantastic career choice for those who are passionate about fashion, possess an eye for detail, and enjoy helping others look and feel their best. By taking advantage of fashion styling courses, grooming classes, and personal stylist training, you can set yourself up for a fulfilling and dynamic journey in the world of fashion.

Grooming classes offer a wealth of benefits that extend far beyond just personal appearance. These classes, especially when taken in conjunction with fashion styling courses, play a crucial role in shaping a successful career in the fashion industry.

Firstly, grooming classes provide practical knowledge and hands-on training in maintaining a polished and well-groomed appearance. This is vital for fashion stylists as they often work closely with clients, guiding them not only in fashion choices but also in personal presentation.

Secondly, grooming classes enhance your understanding of the importance of hygiene, skincare, makeup application, and hairstyling. This well-rounded expertise positions you as a more holistic fashion professional, equipped to provide comprehensive advice to your clients.

For those searching "grooming classes near me," attending these classes can also expand your network within the industry. Interacting with fellow students, instructors, and industry experts can lead to valuable connections, collaborations, and insights that contribute to your growth as a fashion stylist.

Furthermore, incorporating grooming classes into your education adds a competitive edge to your profile. Clients and employers alike appreciate professionals who possess a broad skill set that includes both fashion styling and grooming expertise.

In summary, grooming classes synergize perfectly with fashion styling courses, offering a holistic skill set that sets you apart in the fashion industry. By enrolling in these classes and taking your fashion education a step further, you're not only investing in your personal appearance but also in your potential for a successful and well-rounded career in the dynamic world of fashion.

Good grooming holds significant importance in various aspects of life, especially for those pursuing careers in fashion through courses like fashion styling and grooming classes. Here are five key reasons why good grooming is essential:

Professional Presentation: Grooming reflects your attention to detail and professionalism. Whether you're a personal stylist or aspiring to work in the fashion industry, a well-groomed appearance sets a positive impression on clients, colleagues, and employers.

Confidence Boost: Looking and feeling your best boosts self-confidence. Proper grooming enhances your self-esteem, which is vital for excelling in any fashion-related career, whether it's consulting clients or participating in photoshoots.

Effective Communication: Good grooming contributes to effective communication. When you're well-groomed, you're more likely to express yourself confidently, which is crucial in fields like fashion styling and courses that require interaction with clients and industry professionals.

Health and Hygiene: Grooming isn't just about appearance; it's also about maintaining health and hygiene. Understanding skincare, haircare, and hygiene practices is essential for both personal well-being and when advising others on their grooming routines.

Professional Growth: In the world of fashion, the way you present yourself often translates into your credibility. Your grooming habits can impact your professional growth, helping you stand out in a competitive industry and attracting opportunities for advancement.

Enrolling in grooming classes and fashion styling courses like those offered by Lakhotia College can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of both fashion and personal presentation. By integrating good grooming practices into your skill set, you're not only enhancing your personal life but also positioning yourself for success in the dynamic and evolving field of fashion.