Pttern making courses


Pattern making involves the basic creatives of the fashion industry, it involves developing paper patterns for creative designs and bring them to life by using garment manufacturing techniques. The Pattern making course involves the learning of the imperative basics of pattern making which plays a vital role in making the foundation strong for anyone who desires to be a fashion designer Fashion Pattern making course provides a firm foundation in the concepts and Techniques necessary for creating precise professional patterns for garments. Pattern making course helps students gain skills to create templates that are used to mass produce products such as clothing, shoes, plastic-ware and furniture.

Pattern Making for a Fashion designer is necessary in order to enable them to make different garments. Pattern Making is very interesting and important for a student who is interested in garment making and fashion as it helps to interpret designs and understand it with technical ability to design a beautiful piece of garment, pattern making forms the prime step.

Fashion Pattern Making aims to master the skills of the students who are interested Patterns make up a design. Fashion pattern makers are skilled technicians who create templates that are used to mass produce products such as the job of a Fashion pattern maker is to translate blueprints and design models into factory patterns using various drafting software or freehand measurement techniques.

Types of Pattern Making Courses Offered