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A photography course makes an aspirant a professional photographer rather than being in the picture.Capture your goals with a career in photography. With over alumni of 10,000+ photography students, Lakhotia College holds a remarkable position in the global education industry. With our state-of-art infrastructure and industry experts on a mentor's panel, we provide the finest quality education in terms of practicality and theoretically. Lakhotia College of Design is awarded Telangana Sarvabhowma for the best college for photography. Associated with College De Paris (France) and International business school of Washington (USA), the top photography educational organizations of respective countries, by which students will be awarded their Photography Diploma degrees. Our professional photography program is industry oriented, which covers basic and advanced curriculum.

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Photography enthusiast who are keenly driven towards creating and portraying images to captivating clicks can be a creative artist by pursuing a profound education in photography. Photography is a course that inculcates the students with the significance of portraiture and its importance in today’s era. Photography as in course can be pursued after 10th grade, 12th grade or after bachelor’s degree depending upon the course and duration a student chooses for. Photography depicts as the symbol of memories upon capturing light as a source element, color distinguishes, composition as per the moment and the perfect angle before the gesture cheese! It paves a way for a student to create portray and learn camerawork on images by through crystalize lenses of a different world. To look into your zeal of photography courses below.


Telangana Rasta Sarwabhowma Award For ‘Best College For Photography’

Lakhotia College of Design is known for its innovative teaching methods and industry-oriented curriculum. Lakhotia college with a proud achievement of being awarded the ‘ Telangana Rashtra Sarwabhowma ‘ in as ‘ Best college for interior design’ , as ‘ Best for CSR activity ’ and with certain ‘ Best college for Photography’ . Providing the finest education with 33 years of legacy in designing it is been setted as good option for students looking for a design school with an industry-oriented approach and modern facilities.

Campus Life

To look into the exciting life of a photography student at Lakhotia; One spends a lot of time throughout the day operating, lighting and capturing clicks that imply the significance of photography in current world. An endeavoured student would wake up with a creative thought of portraying a visioned illustration of the image. Then through the doors of Lakhotia the aura instills an artist’s studio with interactive creative minds and unique thinking. Photography admirers engage in discussions, receive demonstrations, collaborate with students from other disciplines, such as fashion design, graphic design, or journalism to combine their camera works. With attending organized workshops and sessions of guest speakers from the photography industry which involves hands-on activities to develop their skills on weekly productive days. After the grasp of camera work our avid photographers get started with working from lightings to perfect capture which concludes in as an productive output by sharing them with peers and superiors. In organized exhibitions, enthusiasts display their work to a wider audience. On fun creative days, to be active in other co- curriculars avid photographers participate in various campus events, clubs, and activities unrelated to their program.



What We Teach

At Lakhotia various courses are offered wherein we have different specialization as per student’s niche. Lakhotia upholding photography course typically focuses on Camera fundamentals , composition framing, lighting techniques, focusing and depth of field, using filters , Post- processing , create vision and personal style, ethical consideration. The curriculum often includes hands-on projects and design studios where students can apply their skills and develop their portfolio. Students also have opportunities for internships or study abroad experiences to gain practical experience and exposure to different design themes and scenarios. If one is puzzled in choosing a good course as per intrinsic nature; orientation is provided for better choosing of a specified course in photography at Lakhotia as per a student’s talent and even thought from basics if one is an amateur in this field and entail them to become an artistic photographer.



Launch Yourself

Photography students who vision to be an entrepreneur and wish to additionally adapt to business necessities with photography as a concept portrayer; the professional assistance be it enterprise or freelance, support and guidance is provided at Lakhotia college for students to excel for their future prospects. The college has tie-ups with various design firms and companies, providing photography students with opportunities for internships and placements inculcating with real-world experience.

Certificate in photography


Study In Paris

Lakhotia college is affiliated with many universities upholding their own magnitudes and privileges. Lakhotia is affiliated with JNAFAU, Singhania University and Acharya Nagarjuna University nationally ; Internationally an opportunity is provided to attain a profound education certificate in Diploma photography from College De Paris - Ecole Conte (France) . Upon an avid photography student pursuing certification from Paris are allotted with an opportunity to complete their course in Paris by granting an official certificate from College De Paris – Ecole Conte (France).

Certificate in photography

Types Of Photography Courses offered

Lakhotia College of Design offers the best photography courses in Hyderabad. Aspirants who wish to learn and complete photography in detail can apply for a 1 year diploma in photography by having 10th class as the minimum required qualification. Aspirants who wish to complete and start their careers in photography in a short term can apply for a 6-month certificate course in photography.

Why Choose Photography as Your Career?

To be a successful photographer in today’s day and age, one requires great knowledge, hands-on experience in every aspect of professional photography, which is only attained by doing a photography course. For every individual who aims to be a photographer must pursue a photography course which shall be offered by any of the best photography colleges in India, based on their eligibility and time frame. Pursuing a professional photography course makes an aspirant professional, creative, certified, and experienced to a greater extent that brings numerous opportunities in the media and fashion industry. We, at Lakhotia College of Design, which is one of the top photography colleges in Hyderabad offer photography courses of various durations, such as 1 year diploma in photography, 6 months certificate in photography.

Photography Colleges in Hyderabad

Lakhotia College of Design, established in 1990, is the pioneer and best photography college in Hyderabad which imparts finest quality education in Photography. We offer exciting, professional, nationally and internationally recognized photography courses. We at Lakhotia college make the student’s life balanced with academics, sports, guest lectures, workshops, cultural events, outdoor shoots and much more. By upgrading the pattern of syllabus on a yearly basis we make a student 100% industry ready. With a set of 45,000+ alumni spread globally makes Lakhotia college one of the top colleges of photography in Hyderabad.


If you love to click pictures and would want to make a living by doing what you love then this course is for you. Doing a photography course can open multiple earning opportunities in the media and fashion industry.

Lakhotia college offers 1 year diploma in photography which can be pursued after 10th class and 6 month certificate in photography which can be done by anybody and everybody.

Yes, to become a photographer one needs to pursue a professional photography course, by joining the best college for photography in Hyderabad.

To get a diploma at Lakhotia college of design, one has to have a minimum qualification of 10th class.

By pursuing a diploma in photography at Lakhotia college, you can avail a placement at a renowned fashion or media organization.

To pursue a diploma in fashion photography one needs to be a 10th pass student. There is no minimum required qualification for a 6 months certificate course.