Color Theory 2

Color Theory 2

Most of us think that the uniform color scheme is the best for our whole house. It may be ok to certain extant but if we go deep into psychology of colors we will find that every room needs different colors according to its role, size and the natural light it gets.

Tips to choose colors are

  1. Think about how much time you will spend in a room. The time when you will be there and the activity you will perform there
  2. Look into the sunlight patterns of a room, like how much time it is there and how much time it is intense, moderate and dim.
  3. Size of the room is important as colors can be chosen according to the size and mood of the room.

Let us take the Color Brown first because it is a neutral color and has a positive effect on your mind. It is the color of earth and color of wood and many more natural elements. If you are considering brown then you can use natural wood as your theme. Furniture and flooring of wood will make it stupendous. Brown will make you comfortable in the room.


White color signifies purity and is considered divine. It lights up the areas that may not have much natural light. It can make a room look bigger and add largeness to the room. Ideally white must be used on walls and ceilings if the ceilings are low. The geographical areas where it is always cloudy white will reflect the light coming in and make the room look brighter.You can compliment white with other colors and add some excitement to the room.


Black and Grey can be fantastic if used in combination with other colors but one must be careful in choosing these colors as they may spoil the complete mood of the room. Being subtle is the key when using these colors. Grey with white may be fantastic and Highlighted elements of black in otherwise different color may make a room look perfect.


Yellow color is a hot color and its use in countries like India must be limited, it can be used in combination with other colors but better that you must avoid it dominance. Keep its use limited and it will help things brighten up. However, it may prove to be a great color in cold countries. It is better we use its lighter shades like cream etc

Red color is hot and color of life and its exuberance is unmatched by any color. But as it is the color of blood and bends the least in the spectrum it must be used with care it is a hot color, a clever use is indicated. It causes impulsive reflexes and can increase appetite and if used in places like Supermarkets may cause a lot of impulsive buying.  It can be used in Kitchens and other rooms where the excitement is needed.

Pink and Purple color are considered feminine, but I will defer both are soft and romantic colors. Both are soothing and bring a sense of tranquility to spaces. In purple, the lilac family is excellent for use in the bedroom because lilac is a floral color. Purple can be a color of Royalty and power but is a cool color.

Blue color is one of the best cool colors. It is tranquil and is associated with self-actualization and meditation. Experiments have shown that it can reduce Blood pressure and bring in a sense of relief to a stressed mind. It is the color of the sky and ocean and its subliminal effects are well known to everyone who understands color psychology. It can be used in its lighter shades to make spaces seem large and cool, better if it is combined with darker shades of blue and creates a sense of Unity. The blue color is the best color for a tranquil expression.

Green Color is the color of nature and a cool color. It is associated with trees and thus a life-giving force. It is a very pleasant color and can be used in all its hues with aplomb. You can use a lot of hues combined together to make the room look cool and tranquil. Use green liberally and go for its shades, lighter ones in large areas and darker ones in smaller areas and furniture, this could be vice versa also.

We come to end of this blog post. It may have been inspiring to you, but all the options cannot be packed in a blog. One needs to understand everything in totality. Look for this space for another blog, bookmark this page, lot of useful blogs will be posted by us.