Interior Design Weekend Course

Duration: 1 Year

Course Title: Diploma in Interior Design and Space Planning

Awarded by: Lakhotia College of Design, accredited and recognized globally

Eligibility: 10th Class

Location: Banjara Hills Campus of Lakhotia College

Class Schedule: Saturdays and Sundays (8 hours/ week), divided into two slot options:

10:00 am to 2:00 pm

12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Learning Approach:

Practical Emphasis: 80% of the course is dedicated to hands-on, practical learning.

Online Assistance on Weekdays: Students who need doubts clarifications, support in subject understanding, assignments completion, receive continuous support from faculty members throughout the weekdays via online platforms.

Internship and Placements:

Internship: Upon completion of the course, students are guaranteed a 2-month internship (60 working days) under licensed architects/ registered interior designers for practical training and market exposure.

Placement Assistance: The college provides support for placement opportunities after the internship period.


Expert Professors: Highly experienced professors lead the course, bringing extensive knowledge and industry insights.

Assisting Faculties: Additional assisting faculties are available to provide individual attention and guidance to students.


Global Recognition: The diploma awarded by Lakhotia College of Design is globally accredited, enhancing career prospects.

Convenient Schedule: Weekend classes allow students to pursue the course alongside other commitments.

Hands-on Experience: The emphasis on practical learning ensures students develop real-world skills essential for success in the field.

Career Support: From internship opportunities to placement assistance, the college supports students in launching their careers in interior design.

Enroll now and embark on a rewarding journey towards becoming a skilled interior designer with Lakhotia College of Design.



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Welcome to Lakhotia College of Design's Weekend Interior Design Course!

Are you passionate about interior design but struggling to find the time to pursue your passion amidst your busy schedule? Our Weekend Interior Design Course is the perfect solution for you. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider enrolling:

Expert Guidance from Industry Professionals:

Our weekend interior design courses are led by industry experts who bring years of experience and knowledge to the table. Learn from the best and gain invaluable insights into the world of interior design.

Affordable and Flexible:

We understand the importance of affordability and flexibility. That's why our weekend certification course in interior design is designed to fit seamlessly into your budget and schedule, allowing you to pursue your dreams without breaking the bank or compromising your commitments.

Hands-On Experience:

Theory is important, but nothing beats hands-on experience. Our course curriculum emphasizes practical learning, giving you the opportunity to apply your newfound knowledge in real-world scenarios and hone your skills effectively.

Portfolio Development:

Build a standout portfolio that showcases your creativity and expertise. Our weekend interior design course provides you with the platform to develop and showcase your projects, setting you apart in the competitive world of interior design.

Why Choose Lakhotia College of Design:

Reputation and Legacy: With a legacy of 35 Years and excellence in design education, Lakhotia College of Design is renowned for producing top-notch professionals in the field of interior design.

Experienced Faculty: Our faculty comprises seasoned professionals and industry veterans who are dedicated to nurturing your talent and guiding you towards success.

Industry Collaborations and Exposure: Gain valuable industry exposure through our collaborations with leading design firms and organizations. Get a firsthand look at the latest trends and practices shaping the world of interior design.

Flexibility and Convenience: Our weekend classes offer the ultimate flexibility, allowing you to balance your personal and professional commitments while pursuing your passion for interior design.

Career Guidance and Placement Support: We don't just stop at education; we prepare you for a successful career in interior design. Benefit from our career guidance and placement support services, ensuring that you are well-equipped to excel in the industry.

Career Benefits: Unlock a world of opportunities with a certification from Lakhotia College of Design. Whether you aspire to start your own design firm, work for a renowned agency, or pursue freelance opportunities, our weekend interior design course equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today's dynamic design landscape.