Fashion media makeup course

Makeup Course

The makeup industry is one of the top professional industries trending and growing in today’s day and age and also its demand for professionals who specialize in makeup. At Lakhotia college’s makeup courses, you will gain in-depth knowledge about the industry . The makeup course consists of professional education and training for aspiring makeup artists to learn and use products in a way to enhance the appearance of the face and body to a new level. This course helps you approach and experiment with various industry trends, beauty products and tools in makeup classes.

The makeup course’s primary focus is on providing specialized skills and knowledge needed for today’s marketplace. It also provides an international standard of training to prepare students for accepting opportunities, having adequate practical exposure and challenges from across the globe. The required skills for this course are creativity, flexibility, interpersonal skills, art of adaptability, work efficiency and must have attention to detail. The prominent concepts for this course that are taught are:

  • Identifying skin color and tones .
  • Techniques for using makeup.
  • Corrective application techniques .
  • Safety measures, procedures and hygiene maintenance.
  • Analysis of facial characteristics.
  • Selection of makeup brush and tools.
  • Correction and techniques.
  • Airbrush techniques for flawless look.

Types of Makeup Courses Offered:

The best makeup academy in Hyderabad and the foremost academy for makeup artist courses is Lakhotia college of design. A makeup artist course will teach you all the pro and advanced level skills that include different makeup techniques.

Lakhotia college of design offers you a diploma course in fashion media makeup (international) which is for 3 months. The makeup course extensively covers skin theory, face structure, product knowledge, personal hygiene , brush knowledge, skin type and skin tone knowledge and many more. All these curriculum will inculcate the professional skill-set required to become a high-end makeup artist.

Why Do You Choose Makeup as Your Career?

A makeup course is a growing trend nowadays as the beauty industry has got a boom in recent times. This course on professional makeup will help you master many important techniques that professional makeup artists use to create contemporary looks in their everyday work. With professional education and training, Lakhotia college of design gives you the finest and best teaching and is considered to be the best makeup academy in Hyderabad.

The makeup course is considered to be a rewarding career. Lakhotia college of design brings you the best makeup artist course , emerging as a completely full-fledged career. More and more aspirants are flocking towards makeup artist courses wherein they can gain all the theoretical and practical knowledge of various aspects of makeup and beauty. The makeup course duration at Lakhotia college of design is of 3 months and is in accreditation with international university , College de Paris.

Makeup Colleges in Hyderabad:

As a makeup artist, you will always have to be updated on new styles and techniques and the best place to acquire knowledge on beautician course in Hyderabad is Lakhotia college of design wherein you will get a hands-on experience and training which covers all beauty features, client management, environmental safety, and maintenance in the workplace.

The professional makeup artist course is an intensive training course that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to perform professional makeup application and get you started with a career in the creative world of makeup artistry. So grab all the opportunities, skills and knowledge on makeup at Lakhotia college of design in Hyderabad with 32 years of legacy which provides you the finest quality of education.

Career Options in Makeup Course:

The makeup industry is a remunerative one, and there are many exciting opportunities for aspiring makeup professionals. Due to the boom in the makeup industry, more and more job opportunities are opening up for makeup lovers. Makeup artistry is now becoming one of the strongest and profitable career choices.

As a makeup artist, you have the option to focus on one or more specialized fields. Learning and developing your skills will enable you to enter each sector and offer a range of different makeup artistry services as your career develops.

The few career options for makeup artists after the makeup course are Bridal makeup artist , Freelance makeup artist, Stage and theater makeup artist, salon and spa, print makeup artist, beauty blogger and vlogger, makeup educator and celebrity artist. Many cosmetics brands have skilled makeup artists that have become the face of their brand. To achieve your goals to the highest extent you should ensure that you are both educated and skilled in your chosen career path.


Makeup art is a type of creative process used to visually enhance the beauty of human form. Get a diploma by learning and experiencing life at Lakhotia college of design which provides you the best and finest makeup artist course in Hyderabad. This makeup artist course gives you exceptional training in all aspects relevant to make people be at their best.

To become a makeup artist you need to enroll in a makeup course for which Lakhotia college of design is the greatest academy in Hyderabad. The programs in the makeup artist course provide hands-on training as well as opportunity to network with other makeup artists.

A beautician and a makeup artist are both different. A beautician is a professional who is majorly concerned about your skin and hair care only. They are experts in skin and hair treatment, tan- removal, exfoliation of skin, hair therapy and massage strokes. A beautician artist has the main goal to make people feel good about themselves. On the other hand, a makeup artist is a professional who is concerned about the overall look of the client from top to toe for an occasion. Makeup artists use makeup products to enhance the beauty of clients and to dress them up according to the occasion.