Managing Director

I have seen Lakhotia getting Evolved and Developed while I was growing up in my life. I have seen students passing out every year with a smile, mindful of creativity and knowledge. With over 30,000 plus students working across the globe, Lakhotia proves itself in the market to be the finest, the best and one of the leading colleges of India. As a managing director, my aim is to provide the best student service, fine quality of education and great placements to our students in the global market. My aim is to bring in multiple opportunities that students cannot resist. We will make sure that we are guiding our students using our immense experience in this industry and help them in reaching great places.

For every single person who is reading this message right now, I would like to say that we understand the amount of trust and commitment you need from the college in order to make your careers successful. We understand how hard it is for you to trust and choose a college amongst so many as options. And that is why I want you to know that we will be there for you right from the beginning till the end, to guide you, to make you learn from the best teaching staff, to provide you personal attention and care. We will make sure in providing you great internships and placements globally that will boost your resumes and profiles. All we want you to do is to put your trust in us. Your trust will never break, your expectations will not go down. We want you to be confident that your careers will be in safest hands. We will assure you that in the end you will move out with a happy face, holding a job and having a secured future.

We concentrate in making our students find their niche, the spark, the creativity which they are blessed with.We will make sure that they dare to be different, standing out of the crowd. We make them learn the syllabus as per the market’s requirement, which makes us change and update our course modules every year. We make our students market ready by providing them over all knowledge of entrepreneurship and employment. We encourage and motivate our students to become business owners and entrepreneurs instead of getting settled for less with a regular job, because we not only teach them the subjects related to the course but also other skills of leaderships and entrepreneurship as the part of their course.

Lets Live, Love, Learn and grow together. Come, be a part of the Lakhotia Family.