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Metals in Interiors

Metals in Interiors

Metals can be used fantastically in an Interior Design, the glow the warmth and the intimacy that metals can create in an Interior is unparallel. Metals come in many colors, like Aluminum is shining white, copper is shining red, and Brass is shining yellow.

To use metals in an Interior is an art and imagination and creativity is the key to use metals.

If we adopt any period style then we can use metals in many ways, for example, a room can have center tables with a frame with welded joints.

Lot of metals can be incorporated in the Interiors; perhaps you may prefer to have a sofa designed with metal frames, a chair perhaps For using metal in furniture you need to find good

craftsmen who can work on the designs you choose. In India we do get lot of such people and they are known a “sofa liner “guys. These people are specialist in making only sofas in any material needed; the sofa that you want to make will have Foam as the base and then either Cloth, Raxin or the best leather as upholstery, the exposed frame is the metal of your choice. The liner will bring in a good welder to achieve proper strong and good looking joints.

Multiple materials can be chosen for the same design most of the time only one metal can be chosen because it will create a focus for the room; it may be furniture or an Interior accessory

We have used metal since long time in Bedrooms, for example the beds are available in many metal finishes and you can get similar metallic accessories for enhancing the look of bedroom, metal chairs and metal finish ward robes etc make bedroom shine very well. Metals have lasting properties and are long living but metals other than powder coated steel and anodized aluminum need regular polishing with special chemicals because they react with gases and moisture in air and will lose their shine.

Metal finished or metal framed side boards will look very aesthetic and give a nice feeling and will create a good gestalt when we examine the aesthetics of a metal dominated Interior.

Metal framed wardrobes in a bedroom add panache and unify the style of a metal framed or metal dominated Interior. Metal framed walk in ward robes are a great statements in style.

Metal finishes in Kitchen are now very common and are very good to maintain and satisfy the urge to keep everything clean in a kitchen. Copper, aluminum, stainless steel and brass finish kitchens are popular. With proper lights metals add dynamism to an already dynamic kitchen design. The tops of kitchen can be easily cleanable Stones like granite and marble or Stainless steel ,glass tops are good too.

Kitchen is a great area to experiment with metallic sheets backed by plywood or other strong boards.

Toilets or washrooms in metals?  Yes a great idea, we can use lot of imagination to make our toilets look fantastic with metal finishes. Apart from fancy and well designed faucets, metals meshes curved placed like toilet curtains give a fantastic look. Pressed metal wall claddings can make a toilet vibrant . Complete toilet in metal with toilet and the bidet etc also will add to the glory of your toilet

Designer Metal faucets and other metal fitting in the toilet can enhance its beauty manifold.

But remember that most of India uses Ground water with high salt content, hence cleaning the anything metallic in toilet fittings must be taken care of very frequently, sometimes twice a week.

Let us look at some metallic decorative accessories for an Interior design. Accessories can be a focal point in an Interior they add glitter and glamour to the Interior.

We have seen in this blog how we can use a recyclable and very durable material like metal to augment our Interiors. At some places we can use the many metallic laminates flooding the market but nothing can ever replace real metal and we must use real metal to make our Interiors special. Metal in Interiors give a Rich look to our home and anyone must use it to enhance the total aesthetics

However it is to be kept in mind that metals are prone to corrosion and must be maintained regularly, cleaned with proper chemicals, otherwise metals may rust and patches of different types of coloration may spoil the look. Another thing which is important is that metals are very good conductors of heat and may be heavy on your electricity bills. One of the most important facts is that Metals are good conductors of electricity; careful design of electrical system of home must be done to prevent shocks. Insulation of electrical wires, proper intensive earthing of electricity must be done through the most advanced electrical equipments. This is very important instruction here.

We come to end of this blog watch this space for more interesting blogs to come; we update our blogs almost every week.

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