Before we start it is important for us to know how ’Photography’ term derived. The word ‘Photo’ means LIGHT and ‘Graphy’ means drawing or writing. In other words, Photography is nothing but Drawing with Light. A Photograph is said to be a drawing made of light. The origin of a picture which gets captured is from absolute reality. Photography helps one to extract their creativity and also helps one in exploring and travelling new things and places respectively. It also helps one in meeting new people and create new and productive contacts. It helps a person see the world from a different vision, a vision of beauty & creativity. Photography is also said to be an art of observation. A photographer observes objects, places, things like no other general human being. Photography is very informative, productive, money making and inspirational career option. Photographs are made by a device which is commonly known as a CAMERA. Along with the Camera, a photographer tends to have a tripod, lens filters, post production softwares such as Lightroom, Photoshop installed in their Laptop in their kit.


Camera is a device mainly used for capturing photographs and also making videos. The word camera is derived from an ancient Greek ‘kamara’ which means ‘Private bedchambers’. The practical way of defining camera is something like this, The camera is basically a vault for light to enter and through which a photograph is captured. There are many types of cameras available in the market. The image quality of the camera totally depends on the sensor size. The image quality turns to be great if the sensor is big. The most wonderful pictures come out when clicked by DIGITAL MEDIUM FORMAT cameras, which carry the biggest sensors. A camera has many functions amongst which there are 3 main elements.


1. ISO:
Iso is basically used to control the sensitivity of the camera’s sensor to light. It is measurered in periods like 100, 200, 400, 800 and so on. The sensor becomes more sensitive to light if the ISO value is increased. Not only this, but also the digital noise will be more in the image if there is a high volume of ISO.

2. Aperture:
Aperture basically controls the amount of light and directs to the size of the hole through which light passes into the camera lens. It is mainly measured in f-stops. F-stops consists of smaller numbers like f/1.2 or f/1.4 which indicates a very large aperture and that brightens up the image. It also consists of larger numbers like f/16 and f/22 which indicate small aperture and darkens the image.

3. Shutter Speed
Shutter speed basically controls the speed of light and directs to the speed of how fast the camera’s shutter opens and closes. It is measured in fraction of seconds, minutes and also hours. The image turns out to be very bright and at the same time blurrier if the shutter speed is long.


1. Fashion Photography:

Fashion photography is considered as the main and important genre of photography which signifies display of apparels, clothing and Fashion related items like footwear, jewelry, accessories etc. Photography has created its own aesthetic amongst all the photography genres by the use of beautiful clothes and high-profile fashion which enhances a photograph by the use of wonderful accessories and mesmerizing locations.

Fashion photography plays a vital role in advertisements, endorsements, personal or model portfolios and fashion magazines. Fashion photography is now being considered as world’s most exciting and interesting course as it gives out high pay-checks, glamorous lifestyle and huge market which boosts every day.

Event Photography:

Event photography mainly deals with coverage of events like Weddings, Concerts, Talk Shows, Live shows, pubic Conferences, Fashion shows, Night Clubs, Ceremonies and other low and up market parties.

Every person who organizes an event will surely hire a photographer to cover the entire event from clicking pictures of guests, clicking their candid photos, clicking and covering al the ceremonies, rituals, individual photos, group photos, family photos, backstage photos, jury photos etc respectively depending on the type of event organized.

Wedding photography is known for making good profits for photographers, it includes pre-wedding shoots, wedding shoots and post wedding ceremonies which covers various rituals held in different ways by different families across the world especially in India.

It also includes couple shoots where the bride and groom click romantic pictures at exotic locations. Wedding photography is that genre of photography which gives out huge profits to the photographer after taking up each wedding event project.

2. Still life photography:

Still life photography is a very trending and interesting kind of photography mainly used to for depiction of non-living (inanimate) subject matter. It contains still life artistic style like for example a small group of objects. Few concepts of still life photography are as follows, Food photography.

Food photography is now a days commonly taken on a phone camera but many restaurants and hotel companies make a professional food shoot happen for their advertisements and marketing purposes. Basically, still life photography is nothing but small group of inanimate objects.

Apart from food photography other concepts like group of flowers, group of spices, group of plants, group of fruits and vegetables, set of kitchen crockery etc. can be shot and fall in the category of still life photography.

3. Nature and Landscape photography:

Nature photography is also one category of photography for People who aspire to become a photographer and love nature, travelling and exploring. Nature photography is capturing of natural landscapes, sunsets, waterfalls, greenery and various sceneries across the world.

Nature photograph are mainly inserted in magazines which represents nature, science, culture and travel. Nature photography is a subject of outdoor photography and urges in displaying beautiful landscape. Landscape photography comes out really well when it is shot on wide-angle lens, when the depth is created, when photographic filters are used, when candid moments are captured. Using water as a mirror gives out a beautiful shot.

Bringing in people in the frame and adding them as an objective will also give out a great picture. When shooting a wide screen, it is important to compose in thirds. Usage of recommended equipment and recommended settings will allow the photographer to frame the objects properly for a better shot.

4. Kids photography:

Kids photography is nothing but making of a portfolio of children which may include individual shoot or group shoots, kids’ photography may include the subject of fashion styling as well, same as Fashion photography.

Kids photography is basically theme based or concept based. Backdrop, props, garments of child model are decided and customized as per the theme or concept of the shoot. Children are photogenic and at the same time very notorious which ultimately makes it difficult for the photographer to get the desired shot. They may feel shy, nervous or may behave strange in front of cameras and the crew, but if the photographer succeeds in getting the perfect shot then the photo may be treasured for years to come.

Many parents like to make a photoshoot happen of their newly born boy or girl for which various other concepts are used and executed. Kids photography is done on indoor and outdoor basis, completely depending on the idea of the shoot. Few of the following ideas are, usage of kid’s favorite toys which would make them feel more comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera and entire crew. Balloons, bubbles and candies or chocolates can also be used within the concept and idea of getting a good picture.

5. Candid Photography:

Candid photography is also called as natural photography. A candid photo is that photo of a person which is taken at the moment when they are not expecting it. Any picture which is captured without creating a posed appearance of a person is called as candid photography.

Candid photography requires a bit of planning, proper positioning, and right equipment along with the camera. It can be taken in many forms, like example when a subject (person) is in motion, by surprising a person, by not disturbing the person during the process of capturing photo shots. Candid photography gives out photographs which are filled with life and emotions. It is popular for family portraits, new born portraits, wedding and other kinds of ceremonies, events, shows etc.

For a photographer who clicks candid shots, observation skills play a very important role. It is very important to have a proper camera and a proper lens. It is recommended by experts that flash shouldn’t be used at the time of capturing shots. A person holding a camera should also find a right spot for himself in order to get a great shot.

6. Portrait photography:

Portrait photography is one of the most popular type of photography. It is popularly known as portraiture. Portrait photograph is capturing pictures of an individual personality or group of people. Portrait picture may come out artistic by the use of proper lighting, customized backdrops, and different poses of a particular individual. Portrait photography is focusing on a face or a particular highlighting object.

Usually, portrait photographs the main object is set on focus and other things in the background are blurred. The motive of a portrait photograph is to capture a personality and connect emotionally.

There are many types of portraits which people opt for, like example engagement and wedding portraits, school students portraits, business and employee portraits, Party and Event portraits and many more. Portrait photography is done indoor as well as outdoor.

7. Lifestyle photography:

Capturing pictures in any kind of situtations, real life day to day events, achievements, failures, celebrations, livelihood is called as lifestyle photography. A lifestyle photograph is that capture which explains a story about people’s lives.

Lifestyle photography includes multidisciplinary types of photography. A photographer makes people pose and give them certain directions and then pull out a natural response and clicks the moment. Lifestyle photography is a story which comes out through Lens. Lifestyle photography can also be termed as documentary photography and classic portraiture.

8. Advertising photography:

Photographing objects with the motive of advertising or branding is known as advertising photography. Encouraging selling point and making the product look attractive is the whole point behind advertising photography.

An add photo must be sharp and crisp with a clear message which has to be reached. The arrangement of the composition, colour space shooting organization plays a major role in advert photography. Advertising photograph is used for promotional basis and hence it must be crisp and taken in high resolution, large amount of tones and unobtrusive grain.

Advertisement photography is very different and much more promotional to commercial photography. Commercial photography is capturing a product and saying “It is This” whereas advert photography is where a product is sold by using pictures which itself pass on the final message. Capturing a mood, feeling or a emotion is a basic element of advertising photography because that is what elicits in a viewer. Add photography deals with appealing to instincts in a viewers mind which creates a need to buy the product or a service.

Lakhotia college was the very first college in the city of Hyderabad to bring in photography in trend after different metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi. Photography was initiated at lakhotia back in 2001 when people did not even know what a camera was or what a DSLR is. Lakhotia college has produced more than 15000 students who are working in regional, national and international markets and happily settled. Lakhotia college has received a Rashtriya Sarwabhowma Award for ‘Best college for Photography in Telangana’ by the chief minister of Telangana State, K. Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR).

There are more than 15 chapters which are thought in the subject of photography at Lakhotia college which include basics of photography, elements and principles of photography, times of the day, light science in photography and various types of photography fields along with postproduction softwares such as Adobe lightroom and Photoshop in the course of 1 year diploma in photography. Lakhotia also offers 6 months certificate course in photography which will cover basic technicalities of the subject. Lakhotia is a pioneer college in south india which is known for its best academics and placement records. By bringing in industry expert academicians and lectures, Lakhotia ranks 1 amongst all colleges in producing successful photographers and designers in South India. If you are truly dream to be a successful photographer then join our next batch. Reach out to the nearest branch of Lakhotia and enquire about the admission status.

-Mohammed Affan Mujahid