Journalism and Mass communication is the very art of assembling, creating and presenting information and news to an audience, via different means of communication. In the technological advanced world today, we are all constantly connected through digital media which makes journalism and Mass communication a rather lucrative field. Mass communication and journalism courses provided by us to you aims impart the extensive advanced knowledge you require to excel in your career as journalists.

Lakhotia college of design is the best college in Hyderabad bringing to you a finely curated program in Mass Communication and Journalism courses, covering all the basics in the field including Public Relation, Management and Film production and more, taking you a step further into the world of media. These courses in Mass Communication and Journalism courses will help you advance in your career and grow as an expert in the field of media.

Through Mass Communication courses and Journalism courses, you have the opportunity to work and network with creative minds and environment, that drive the innovation and creativity in you. Be it in the area of reporting, writing, editing, broadcasting, cable casting, or analyzing, investigating trends, events, affairs, Lakhotia College of Design brings to you all hands-on experiential learning to mould you into the finest mass media journalists.


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Telangana Rasta Sarwabhowma Award For ‘Best College For Interior Design’



Campus Life

To look into the exciting life of a Interior student at Lakhotia; One spends a lot of time throughout the day operating, lighting and capturing clicks that imply the significance of photography in current world. An endeavoured student would wake up with a creative thought of portraying a visioned illustration of the image. Then through the doors of Lakhotia the aura instills an artist’s studio with interactive creative minds and unique thinking. Photography admirers engage in discussions, receive demonstrations, collaborate with students from other disciplines, such as fashion design, graphic design, or journalism to combine their camera works. With attending organized workshops and sessions of guest speakers from the photography industry which involves hands-on activities to develop their skills on weekly productive days. After the grasp of camera work our avid photographers get started with working from lightings to perfect capture which concludes in as an productive output by sharing them with peers and superiors. In organized exhibitions, enthusiasts display their work to a wider audience. On fun creative days, to be active in other co- curriculars avid photographers participate in various campus events, clubs, and activities unrelated to their program.


Lakhotia’s Design Horizon

A Dawn to Dusk Canvas for Learning at Lakhotia College.

Flexible college time slots for diverse group of design aspirants
7 am to 9 am


Early Morning batch for early risers!


Designed for students, working professionals, parents and home makers.

10 am to 2 pm


4 - hours of dynamic day time sessions for convenient learning.

12 pm to 4 pm


Afternoon Learning Hours to avail after morning chores.

3 pm to 6 pm


Late Afternoon Batch


An after hour learning program for individuals living busy days

6 pm to 8 pm


Evening Batch


Designed for the busy lives to follow their dreams in design education post working hours.



What We Teach



Our curriculum includes comprehensive training in anchoring, equipping students with the necessary skills to deliver engaging and informative presentations across various media platforms, fostering confidence and professionalism in broadcasting.


Mobile Journalism

Through hands-on instruction, students learn the latest techniques in mobile journalism, harnessing the power of smartphones and digital tools to capture, edit, and report news stories on-the-go, adapting to the rapidly evolving landscape of modern media.


Radio Jockeying

Our curriculum covers the art of radio jockeying, providing students with the essential skills to entertain and engage audiences through live broadcasts, while mastering radio programming techniques and cultivating their unique on-air personas.


Broadcast and Digital Journalism

Our program offers a blend of traditional broadcast journalism principles and cutting-edge digital storytelling techniques, preparing students to excel in both traditional media outlets and emerging digital platforms.


Fake News Identification and Deep Fake

Students receive specialized training in discerning and combating misinformation, developing critical thinking skills to identify fake news and deep fake content, thereby upholding journalistic integrity and ethical standards.


Newspaper and Television Producation

From concept to publication, students gain hands-on experience in all aspects of newspaper and television production, including writing, editing, layout design, and video production, preparing them for dynamic roles in the media industry.


Social Media Management

In the age of digital communication, students learn the intricacies of social media management, developing strategies to effectively engage audiences, build brand presence, and navigate ethical challenges in the online sphere.


Video Editing

Through practical training in video editing software, students acquire proficiency in crafting compelling visual narratives, refining their editing techniques to produce high-quality content for broadcast, online platforms, and social media channels.


Writing and Reporting For Media

Our comprehensive curriculum emphasizes the fundamentals of journalistic writing and reporting, honing students' abilities to research, interview, and craft compelling stories across various media formats, from news articles to feature stories.


Film Making and Film Appreciation

Typography is a fundamental aspect of graphic design that focuses on the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and visually appealing. In our graphic design curriculum, we offer in-depth instruction on typography to help you develop a keen understanding of how typefaces can be used to enhance communication and aesthetics. Study the components of typefaces, including letterforms, kerning, leading, and tracking.



Launch Yourself


Certificate in photography

The college provides robust support for aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly in the realm of mass media and journalism. Students are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to establish their own media houses and online channels in the industry successfully.

Certificate in photography

Upon completing their diploma, masters, or degree courses, students have the opportunity to gain practical experience through internships. These internships, which last for two months, are conducted under the guidance of licensed press and media officers, renowned journalists offering invaluable hands-on learning experiences.

Certificate in photography

Lakhotia College boasts a dedicated placement cell that works tirelessly to ensure every student secures employment opportunities after graduation. With a network of over 200 recruiting partners globally, the college facilitates placements for its students in various prestigious TV, Electronic and mass media organizations.

Mass Communication Colleges in Hyderabad

In the technological advanced world today, we are all constantly connected through digital media making Mass communication and journalism a rather lucrative field, that is persistently evolving and never has a dearth of job opportunities. Lakhotia College of Design brings to you a wide variety of courses and opportunities to enroll yourselves in and achieve your goals.

We provide Master of Arts in Mass Communication and Journalism, Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Journalism, Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism, Certificate course in Mass Communication and Journalism. Opting for any suitable course in this field of Mass Communication and Journalism will give you the incredible opportunity to build a career to outshine.

Career options in Mass Communication & Journalism

After you complete the selected course in Mass Communication & Journalism, a wide array of opportunities will present themselves to you. The very essence of Mass Communication & Journalism is to effectively and accurately deliver information to the public, via different means of communication.

There are televisions, print media, digital media, etc. You can work as a Public Relations Executive, Digital marketer, event manager, Journalist, Blogger, Filmmaker, Information Specialist, Media Planner, Director of Communications, Broadcast journalist, Editorial assistant, Magazine features editor, Magazine journalist, Newspaper journalist, Political risk analyst, Press sub-editor, Publishing copy-editor/proofreader,

Web content manager, Writer Advertising copywriter, Digital copywriter, Market researcher, Multimedia specialist, Science writer, Translator, you can also work with TV productions, Radio, newspapers and magazines and build your portfolio accordingly. The opportunities are endless when you study at Lakhotia College of Design. With our expert placement cell you will be able to achieve you goals and excel in your career in the industry.


There are several high-paying jobs you can do after completing your course in mass communication and journalism with us at Lakhotia College of Design. Working as a high-profile Journalist is one of the best opportunities you may receive.

In the technological advanced world today, we are all constantly connected through digital media making Mass communication and Journalism a rather lucrative field, that is persistently evolving and never has a dearth of job opportunities making it a promising career for your future.

Journalism and mass communication graduates work nationwide and worldwide at newspapers and magazines and in advertising, branding, broadcast news, social media, marketing, media research, photojournalism, publication design, public relations, radio, and other areas.

Journalism has become a renowned career option for many youngsters in India. Journalism is a challenging profession that plays an important part in the nation's growth. The field of journalism is changing in parallel with the digital world, and many journalism courses are keeping up

Math is an important part of journalism. Journalism typically requires research into data and statistics. A good journalist needs to be able to understand and interpret numerical data, and this takes math proficiency.